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How Artificial Intelligence Assists Recruiters

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AI-driven recruitment solutions enhance the hiring process

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Ensuring the right talent ends up in the right role is challenging in today’s market.

For organisations, competition and candidate demands are high. Fast, confident decisions are needed but identifying a pool of appropriate candidates and taking them through the recruitment process can be slow, time-consuming and costly. Improving the efficiency of talent sourcing and selection is becoming increasingly critical.

The traditional hiring process can also be a difficult experience for candidates. A lack of transparency means it’s unclear whether it’s conducted fairly and consistently for all, or whether their chance of securing a role comes down to luck and timing.

Hired1st provides the data needed to help people make the right decisions about their career, and for companies to focus on the best suited talent for their jobs.

Rethinking Artificial Intelligence

All too often, AI is positioned as the technology that will threaten our jobs in the future. However, on the contrary, we believe it will ultimately help people perform better.

AI is a positive addition to the HR industry and can offer professionals the opportunity to improve the way they work and make their position even more valuable, as opposed to threatening it.

At the heart of the Hired1st concept was the drive to use technology to add efficiency and accuracy to the recruitment process, and ensure every candidate is treated fairly and equally. We wanted to deliver an AI tool that would help recruiters and anyone hiring talent to instantly identify the best candidates, and spend time focusing on the best suited first.

Four ways that Hired1st AI makes this possible

1. Saving the recruiter time

Hired1st is committed to streamlining the CV screening process by:

  • Ranking candidates instantly in order of suitability, enabling the recruiter to spend more time on the right candidates.
  • Offering objectivity and enabling recruiters to make a human decision based on the data presented.
  • Providing an instant pool of talent so hirers can spend more time interviewing, testing and really getting to know candidates.

Our aim is to:

  • Eliminate time spent reading through CV’s that are not relevant to the job.
  • Give recruiter time back to personally engage with and assess the best talent first.
  • Help ensure that suitable candidates are not missed with too many CV’s being received.

2. Treating every CV the same

Hired1st offers a fair and accurate assessment, by:

  • Summarising each CV in terms of experience, periods of employment, titles and Jobs. It is not based on word count, but the quality of years performing at roles and learning skills.
  • Analysing each CV against a job role in the same way and ranking them based on the candidates that objectively score the highest for the role.

Our aim is to ensure that:

  • Each CV is given the same level of consideration, regardless of when the CV is submitted.
  • There is no unconscious discrimination about a CV.

The AI-driven platform reads and understands CVs in the same way a recruiter would, and will continue to learn. It is more than a keyword search, understanding career progression, key qualifications, length and timing of experience, and industry focus.

3. Efficiently finding talent using an automated database

With Hired1st, users are given the opportunity to hire from a much larger talent pool, as:

  • Every CV in the database is automatically matched against future jobs.
  • Higher-ranking candidates (those that are added to the green pool) are automatically put forward for relevant roles on an ongoing basis.
  • Recruiters can utilise candidates that have previously applied for jobs automatically, which saves time and money by not having to advertise for new candidates.

Often, recruiters don’t have the time to go through old candidate data, and they find it quicker to advertise for candidates. The Hired1st automated process brings old candidates forward, enabling talent to be better utilised.

Our aim is to ensure:

  • Organisations can better utilise existing talent before advertising for external people
  • Use candidates that have previously engaged with the business first, creating candidate loyalty
  • Recruiters spend less time going through details of old candidates

4. Improving Candidate experience

Looking for a job can be a full-time job in itself and often it can be a stressful, repetitive and daunting experience for candidates.

In order to deliver an optimal experience and ensure candidates form the best first impression of an organisation (regardless of whether they secure the role), Hired1st offers simple but effective tools that improve the employer brand, such as:

  • Automatically reply to candidates throughout the process and inform them if they have been unsuccessful
  • Engaging candidates that have taken the time to apply previously

Our aim is to:

  • Ensure that all candidates receive feedback when they apply for a role
  • Assure candidates that if they send a CV into an organisation using Hired1st once, the platform will automatically consider them for any future job

We would encourage HR and recruitment professionals to explore the value provided by AI tools, such as Hired1st, to help people find the best jobs and companies to find the best people.

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