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Improved SMS notifications for safer and faster reference checks

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A candidate reading a SMS notification to provide reference details via a link to Xref platform

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Xref is excited to announce an expansion to our SMS notifications for faster and safer reference checking.

Why is this important? People tend to read SMS messages within three minutes, so it's an excellent way to reach out to job candidates and their referees quickly.

Here's what's new: Xref is updating its reference-checking tool to include SMS notifications to candidates and referees. 

The Xref reference checking service will continue to send a reference request via email which contains all the essential info, including a link to the reference survey. At the same time, the system will send an SMS with a link to the reference survey to potential hires and their references.

Once the candidate provides referee details, the referee will receive an SMS notifying them about their nomination.

Xref branded green graphic with a headshot and quote from Sarah about SMS functionality for reference checks in Xref

It’s important to note the SMS notification is optional for organisations and is available in English. It can be accessed by Xref users in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The feature is available for Xref partners via integration, too.

What's more, Xref takes security seriously. We're ISO27001 certified, SSL Secure, and GDPR compliant, so your data is in safe hands. The enhanced algorithm detects and alerts users on any unusual activity during the process. We'll alert you if we detect any anomalies, like duplicate mobile numbers, matching IP addresses, or similar operating systems and browser details.

With Xref's SMS notifications, you'll speed up the reference checking process. 93% of our users completing the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey expressed satisfaction with our platform and service. In addition, 93% also found our platform to be secure and compliant. This means HR professionals can get completed references faster and in a safer way, helping hiring managers to find the best talent quickly and meet their goals.

Reducing the time to hire with Xref email and SMS reference checks ensures that organisations can secure the best talent quickly and with compliance.

If you're already an Xref customer and want to enable SMS notifications, reach out to our customer success team. It's that easy!

Xref branded green graphic with screenshots of SMS received by candidates and referees in Xref's reference checking process

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