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Some great Aussie HR tech success stories

Australia is home to some of the world’s greatest creatures, people and inventions.

There’s the iconic Kangaroo, the lifesaving pacemaker, and, of course, the genetically blessed Chris Hemsworth.

Then there’s Vegemite…but we don’t have time for that debate right now.

As an ex-recruiter and self-confessed HR-tech nerd, what I know Australia does exceptionally well, is produce some super-smart recruitment and HR technology.

In celebration of great Aussie tech, here’s a rundown of some of the best.

Tech to help you source talent


Great for: Sourcing and sorting talent from one central platform.

LiveHire offers a Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform. It uses AI to help you not only scour the internet for the best candidates but then match them to your open roles and manage them through its in-built ATS. But it’s more than just that; the platform allows you to actively connect with candidates and offers some amazing analytics.

LiveHire was created in Melbourne but is now used by some major global brands; it offers a great technology solution but the award-winning service that goes with it also makes it a really popular choice.


Great for: Selecting candidates that are the perfect fit for your business.

Expr3ss! is unique in its ability to help you identify candidates that are going to hit the ground running and make a great impact on your business, based on their skills, attitude and cultural fit.

Expr3ss! does away with the need for hours of sifting through CVs and conducting screening interviews - as the team proudly promise, it really does simplify staff selection. But a simple and seamless experience for you is backed by a smart, unique and proven attitudinal test that you won’t find in any other solution. They’re a clever bunch!


Great for: Creating simple but super-effective, on-brand recruitment videos.

Our friends at VideoMyJob have created a great platform that really helps recruiters advertise in a way that is going to get the best engagement; through video.

VideoMyJob allows you to easily create beautiful branded videos and then share them on social media and job boards. You can even manage promotions through the handy app.

Hired 1st

Great for: Saving time and ensuring thoroughness during CV screening.

Hired 1st offers another great platform that eliminates the painstaking job of reading through CV after CV. It provides an intuitive interface that helps you see, at a glance, how your candidates are ranked against your roles, without the hard work that comes with manually ensuring you give every CV the same level of attention.

The system is designed to continuously learn and adapt to the new profiles as they are uploaded, which means it gets better at profiling your candidates over time. What’s more, they’ll even reply to unsuccessful candidates for you.

Applicant Tracking Tech


Great for: Simplifying recruitment with a platform that’s much more than an ATS.

JobAdder was founded on the premise that recruitment doesn’t have to be hard. Amen! It removes clicks and clutter and provides a refreshingly easy-to-use and well-designed ATS that integrates with a number of other platforms.

As well as all the features you’d expect from any great ATS, it also offers resume parsing and some really smart workflows, as well as a pretty slick team.

Video Interviewing


Great for: Conducting interviews online

This tech is truly time-saving, particularly when it comes to high volume hires and multi-stage interviews.

Alcami’s tech allows you to build out video interviews that candidates can participate in any time, any where. You record the questions you’d like to ask, and they answer one at a time. What’s great about this is you can ensure consistency throughout your interview process and rate your candidates in-app to help you make the right decision.


Xref, of course

Great for: Collecting comprehensive reference checks, without the need to pick up the phone

It would be remiss of me not to mention Xref in this post. We were founded back in 2009 in Sydney and now have offices globally. What do we do? Take reference checks online, putting the candidate in the driving seat and reducing recruiters’ time to hire. It’s that simple.


Great for: Reliable police and background checks

Our partners at Fit2Work have developed an easy-to-use platform in which you can store and update candidate records and conduct comprehensive background checks. From police checks to medical assessments, they cover the full gamut across more than 200 countries. [Shameless plug] fit2work is fully integrated with Xref so you can do background and reference checks in one place. Pretty neat!



Great for: Making the transition from candidate to employee smooth, consistent and personalised.

First, a quick clarification: it’s pronounced ‘En’ not ‘On’; ‘Enboarder’, and is a clever mix of ‘engaging’ and ‘onboarding’, which pretty perfectly sums up what they do.

It is the first and only experience-driven onboarding platform that helps you connect and build a relationship with your new recruits by creating personalised onboarding and learning journeys.

The Full Kit-and-Caboodle

Flare HR

Great for: Cherry-picking the solutions you need or managing multiple processes from one platform.

Sign up to Flare HR’s individual onboarding, HR management, payroll and benefits solutions or go the whole hog and get the fully integrated experience of the company’s entire suite of solutions from one platform. With some of the world’s leading domain experts supporting a best in class product, they’re one to be aware of for sure.

It’s fair to say we’ve got some great homegrown HR tech success stories to shout about in Australia and we’re proud to be part of the mix.

We work with a number of these platforms, from both an integration and partner perspective, offering our combined services and insights to support the HR and recruitment industries of Australia and beyond.

If you’d be interested in learning more about how we can work together, or about any of the individual platforms listed above, get in touch and I’ll be glad to help: communications@xref.com

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