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Save Time and Create a Great Recruitment Experience



If your time-to-hire is a little too long, it’s time to re-think your approach

According to the most recent Talent Shortage Survey from ManpowerGroup, 34% of Australian employers say they can’t fill open jobs due to skill shortages.

With more organisations hiring from the same shallow pool of local talent, it is no wonder finding great hires can take time.

Today’s talent sourcing challenges

The need to source from overseas

One approach to finding new talent is to look for hires from overseas but, while this is a good solution, it means additional resources and time are often needed to search for candidates, interview them, contact their references and get relocation logistics in order.

A transient, short-term workforce

Another issue many recruitment teams are contending with is the increasingly transient nature of the modern workforce. It has become more common for people to move between multiple roles, rather than sticking with one organisation throughout their whole career and having an efficient process for frequently sourcing new hires is important.

The gig economy

There has also been a rise in the gig economy, which requires companies to be constantly on the search for contractors, freelancers and temporary staff to fill business needs. All of these roles have specific requirements that differ from traditional, full-time, permanent hires, making it difficult to move efficiently from one role to the next.

Three tips for improving time-to-hire

1. Don’t waste time

It is important for you and your candidates, that no time is wasted during the hiring journey. Break down each stage of your recruitment process and see where the most time is spent. Consider how you can adjust the process to be more efficient. There is a lot of great recruitment tech available that can help and automating your references with Xref is a pretty great place to start!

2. Create space

Recruiters should have ample time in their schedule to build strong relationships and network across a range of digital platforms and events. Allow the breathing space that talent acquisition and recruitment professionals need to continue to look for other great talent while completing the hiring process. This may mean looking at how much admin they currently have on their plate and considering how many of those repetitive tasks could be automated by implementing the right technology.

3. Deliver the best experience

Not only does an efficient recruitment process save time but it also enables a team to deliver the best experience for everyone involved. A great experience can stay with a candidate throughout their career while a bad first impression can have a devastating impact on the employer brand of a business. Save time by preemptively keeping candidates up-to-date. Having a transparent process will help deter candidates from calling or emailing to check up on the progress and help them to feel more at ease with the process.

Save time with Xref

By cleverly balancing human and tech-driven processes, recruitment can be done with elegant efficiency and outstanding results. Xref provides a seamless approach to reference checks that is unrivalled by traditional methods. The most common feedback we receive from our clients is how delighted they are by the amount of time they are saving every day since using Xref.

"The first time we used Xref, we put the requests in on Friday afternoon and by Monday morning they were all complete. It was absolutely wonderful!" Connect Hearing

We’re so confident you’ll love saving time with Xref that we created Xref Lite, a single-user alternative to the enterprise platform that you can get up and running on for free right away. Give it a go today with a complimentary credit on us.

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