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Why Automating Processes Adds Value to The HR Function?

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Automation is allowing HR Professionals to be more efficient. 

HR teams are using automation to work in a more efficient and effective way.  Human resource management and processes are a critical part of every organisation. 

HR teams are responsible for the full employee journey. From recruiting, onboarding, everyday employment issues, training and development, payroll and timekeeping to offboarding. 

The human resources function is essential for every organisation. 

The pandemic highlighted the multiple challenges that HR departments face.  HR professionals manage multiple administration and paperwork tasks.  

Organisations are trying to find ways to become more efficient. Reducing manual processes across these people related tasks has been a key activity for the improvement of the HR processes. 

What is HR Automation?

Human Resources Automation (HR Automation) uses software to digitise and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

The tasks that HR tech can automate cover these areas: 

  • pre-employment tasks
  • employee onboarding processes
  • employment administration
  • offboarding

Benefits of HR Automation

There are many benefits that HR Automation provides to organisations that successfully implement online processes:

  • HR software frees HR employees to focus on more strategic tasks that are more valuable for the business processes. 
  • It reduces the cost of the HR operation by reducing the number of hours used to perform repetitive tasks.
  • HR automated solutions improve efficiency and security while reducing the potential for human error. 
  • Employees benefit from automated HR solutions by receiving faster services.
  • HR automation enables you to analyse data relevant to different processes. These insights allow HR professionals to improve processes.

Why did organisations start using HR software?  

HR automation was created to reduce the time and amount of manual tasks. Human resources software reduces the paperwork and tasks involved in staff processes. 

When is automation needed?

it’s time to find a new way of working when HR professionals spend more time on admin tasks. Valued staff should be utilising their valuable skills in other areas.

Automation is more than “robots”

Automation is at the core of the Xref business. We encourage our staff to work across different disciplines and areas of the organisation. 

We believe that it is important to find ways to innovate and streamline the work we do.  

Automation is not always just about being cost efficient, but also about adding value. 

It is great to introduce an automated system to perform activities faster. However, the great value comes from introducing a system that allows the individual to spend their time on something more valuable. 

Seeking True Innovation 

The value of the company will grow with the benefits of fast and effective automation. The additional benefit is that it also increases the mental capacity of a newly motivated staff.

Xref has automated a process that traditionally has been conducted manually. With automated reference checking, we have improved the process in the pre-hiring stage and remove inefficiencies, biases and risks.

Our HR technology and data has turned into something valuable and reliable for businesses globally.

The adoption of HR automated processes has enabled HR departments to streamline and speed up their work. 

Cloud solutions have given HR managers time to perform more valuable tasks. 

Things to consider

Switching from a manual approach to HR automation may require a certain level of skill and training. 

The benefits for all your employees far outweigh the time, energy, and investment.   

Overall, organisations depend on multiple HR processes. When done manually, these tasks can be very time-consuming, repetitive, and extremely inefficient. 

HR automation increases productivity and efficiency. HR technology allows the organisation to focus more energy on people-related matters. 

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