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What Makes Xref a High Performer in the Reference Checking Software Market?

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Xref continues to maintain a steady rank on public testimonial leaderboards such as G2 and Capterra. We are trusted by businesses all over the world to empower extraordinary people decisions. Here is what some of our customers have to say about using the Xref Platform. 

1. Xref saves time

When the talent acquisition team is in a rush to close positions and reference checking candidates is one of the last checks, it sure helps to have reliable software that can automate your crucial process.

The ability to complete reference checks on time is the most obvious benefit - Michelle K, Talent Acquisition Partner

What Michelle likes about using Xref:  “The amount of detail we get from the referees is significantly more than in phone-based reference checks (a response such as "good" might be seen as a way to hurry the telephone call). We appreciate the easy, at a glance way of seeing if the reference check is overall positive or negative, and the easy export out of the system to be able to include reference checks in our offer proposal to the hiring manager.”

2. Works at the convenience of the referee

Not all referees can take a call and provide a quality reference check on the fly. They would want time to recall and prepare for that check, and you would most likely prefer to get a thoughtful reference check to ensure you have the right person for the job.

References can respond to questions when it best suits them - Dusty L, Global Talent Acquisition Specialist 

What Dusty likes about using Xref: “They save me a lot of time. References can respond to questions when it best suits them. This gives them the opportunity to give thought to their answers. What's also good is Xref can track if references are legit. We've had cases where candidates have provided false references. Xref was able to determine by IP address that the references provided came from the candidates IP number.”

3. Works better than traditional phone-based checking

Not all referees have time to have a long phone conversation, especially during working hours. While most people would be happy to act out of goodwill, referees may give short answers to speed up the conversation and get back to what they were doing. 

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What Laura likes about using Xref: “The ability to carry out test checks at the same time is the most obvious advantage. The information received from our employees was much better than phone checks (where the "option correct" might be perceived as a means to speed up the conversation! We appreciate the convenience of being able to consider the entire background check as positive or negative, as well as exporting the practical system to include checks in our negotiation recommendations for employment managers.”

4. Adds an extra layer of security and is easy to use

As a hiring company, you’re in contact with sensitive employee data gathered from online reference checking. It’s important  to ensure that you're keeping to the right data security, compliance, and privacy measures.

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What they like about using Xref: “Xref saves a considerable amount of time in organising and completing reference checks, as well as increasing the security and validity of the checks. It's easy for all parties to use, and the Xref team provides fantastic support.”

5. Automation

When you’ve identified a great candidate, done all your due diligence, and spent time forming a relationship with them, the last thing you want to hear is that they’ve gone elsewhere because your recruitment process was simply taking too long. Automation can help speed up a more traditional recruitment process while also adding another layer of insight and protection. 

Automation and meaningful interactions with job seekers is something we all want in HR, though few solutions manage to achieve one without sacrificing the other - Russell D, Human Resource Manager - Selection and Staffing 

What Russell likes about using Xref: “Xref manages this balance well and provides a clean, easy to use and reliable platform to conduct business. The support team at Xref is personable and offers prompt service giving you confidence in the process and ultimately, your hiring decisions.”

6. Stellar customer service

You want to be sure that after the sale has taken place several communication lines open to you if you need them. It’s helpful if the business has local in-house support teams who can help you during your business hours and on time.

My favourite part of the organization is the amazing customer service, they are prompt, polite and help with a very genuine attitude - Shannon B, General Manager 

What Shannon likes about using Xref: “My favourite feature of Xref is the fraudulent notifications that are provided for when an applicant uses someone that may share the same IP address. Xref will send a notification and any criteria to either alert you of an issue, which is hugely beneficial. I also appreciate that if someone does have the same IP address, but they are a legitimate reference that Xref will explain the scenario (i.e. they currently still work together.). I also love that if we cancel a request, we get the credit back.”

7. Detects unusual activity

A good online reference checking system can detect suspicious activity and flag any fraudulent movements. You will get notified for unusual activities such as two people accessing the questionnaire from the same IP address etc. In some instances, this may not be the reason to disqualify the candidate, but it can certainly assure you about the accuracy of feedback that you will receive. 

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What Melissa likes about using Xref: “The most helpful aspect of Xref is that its entirely email-driven, references are in print form and able to be held onto in the referees own words. There is also no need to schedule phone calls around busy schedules or less than willing referees.”

8. Customisable

The ability to tailor the entire reference checking process with custom branding, bespoke communication with candidates and references, and unlimited reference templates that can be included with ease, creates a better experience for everyone involved and delivers more significant insights. 

What Liana G likes about using Xref: 

  • easy to use as reference questions can be customised
  • integrates with criminal checks (1 login to action both checks)
  • The Xref team is responsive, helpful and friendly
  • you can customise questions

9. Provides insights to benchmark candidates

Insights gathered from online reference checking can help you hire smarter. Data-driven insights can move your decision from a gut feeling to a dependable choice; the same insights can stop you from recruiting a lousy hire. When people are your greatest asset, you want to hire right.

When negotiating with recruiters, we include the benchmark in the recommendations of ours since we wish to be realistic about whether the benchmark is negative or positive as a whole, and we wish to consider the simplicity of issuing the plan - Paul H, General Manager 

What Paul likes about using Xref: “The great part would be that the inspection can be done on time, though you can get a lot better info from the staff members than from the telephone book.” 

10. Xref helps your business

When you’re looking to expand your business, you’d want processes to move as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

We couldn't have experienced the huge growth in staff numbers without Xref - Caroline C, Manager, Talent Acquisition

What Caroline likes about using Xref: “Our company is experiencing significant growth. Xref saves our talent acquisition team an enormous amount of time every day. I also find the Xref team extremely knowledgeable and proactive. They have taken the time to understand our business and ensure they offer value-add solutions to meet our resourcing strategy.” 


11. Integrates well with ATS

Busy HR teams don’t have time to switch between applications, a seamless system can help you change from manual to automated solutions resulting in better productivity. 

It is integrated to our ATS - LiveHire - so getting references for a candidate is just a button away - Saskia

We got a 5/5 for ease of use and features and functionality. The user mentions that our software is “Very easy to use and saves (me) countless hours of conducting references verbally. We get them quickly, as well.”

Our customers vouch for us! With Xref, you save time, get to referees quicker, comply with global security standards for data protection and receive data-driven insights. Equally beneficial is the notification on unusual activity and the ability to integrate with HR platforms and ATS’s. And, not to forget is the outstanding customer service that we provide.

If you’d like to know more, drop in your details, and we’d be happy to give you a demo and free trial.

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