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Xref Integrates with JobAdder, The Smarter ATS



Introducing Xref’s latest integration partner - JobAdder

Are you a small to medium sized recruitment team that’s tired of switching between your CRM and ATS? Do you get lost juggling administrative tasks and often think modern day recruitment shouldn't be this complicated? Look no further....

Introducing Xref’s latest integration partner - JobAdder, the smarter ATS that simplifies recruitment.

JobAdder is a flexible recruitment platform with over 10,000 users across 45 countries. More than just a value packed applicant tracking system, JobAdder is a full hiring management tool, complete with requisitions management, candidate data self service and powerful, insightful analytics.

It is the world's only ATS to have both job posting and applicant tracking built into the core product - drastically decreasing overall time to place, saving hiring teams copious time and money.

JobAdder offers:

  • Simplicity: Everything available in one place, easy to use, quick to implement.
  • Transparency: Clearly track all stages of the process from anywhere on any device.
  • Seamless Data Transition: Evaluate and communicate with candidates, collect and send documents, sync to email and more.
  • Efficient Hiring: Cut down your time to hire by removing tedious data entry, inbox searching and approval chasing.
  • Instant Job Posting: Post job ads to over 200 job boards in just a few clicks.

With the new Xref and JobAdder integration, candidates within the JobAdder process can be referenced in just a couple of clicks. Negating the manual inputting of data, saving you even more time and allowing you to stay within JobAdder.

For more information check out our JobAdder integration page.

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