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Xref Lite - All the Power of Xref in a Self-Serve Solution



Discover the Power of Xref in a Self-Serve Solution

Finding and investing in technology to make your working life a little easier is exciting, but often the road that lies between identifying the tech you want and introducing it can be long and winding.

Sometimes you just want to try before you buy, and play around with the software to know if it’s the right solution for you.

The world is changing

Here we are in a demand-driven economy and we now expect the convenient, real-time solutions that support our personal lives to be mirrored in the workplace.

Since launch, we have developed and evolved Xref to include multiple capabilities and features that make it a globally scalable, secure and always-on platform.

To date, we have also been proud to offer all customers the same hands-on experience from our team, regardless of their needs.

But the world is changing.

And so we created Xref Lite.

Don’t let the name fool you, this really is the Xref platform but we’re offering it as a self-serve solution, that enables new users to find Xref, try it out (with free account setup and a complimentary credit to get started) and continue to use their account as and when it’s needed.

Xref Lite: Sign up today

So, what’s different?

In terms of experience, Xref Lite offers the same speed, ease and convenience with the same reference checking capabilities our 6,500 users around the globe enjoy every day.

It’s all the power of Xref, just built for single-users who don’t require any other platform integrations.

Upon signing up, you can reference your first candidate for free (or try it on a colleague if you just want to have a play!) and then top up your account at any time in your local currency, using a simple credit card payment system.

Easy as that!

Then, if it looks like something that could work for the whole team, Lite users can effortlessly upgrade to an Enterprise account and enjoy all the additional benefits of a fully-customisable solution, with a dedicated account manager.

How easy is Xref Lite?

Step 1 - Requesting a reference
The employer logs into the platform and adds the details of their candidate (or multiple candidates) and selects the reference template they wish to use.

Step 2 - Completing the reference
The candidate then receives an email inviting them to add the details of their reference providers. Once submitted, the reference provider will receive an email inviting them to complete a secure, online reference questionnaire.

Step 3 - Receiving the reference report
Once the reference is complete, the employer is notified, and will receive a secure analysis of the feedback, including information on how the candidate performed against other individuals referenced.

It's as simple as that! Three easy steps and you're on your way to a faster, more efficient recruitment process.

Xref Lite: Sign up today
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Want to see Xref in action?

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