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Xref, Named Leader in G2 2021 Report for Reference Checking



Xref Leads in the Reference Checking Category, Winning 9 Badges in G2’s Winter 2021 Report

We’re ending the year on a high note; thanks to the great reviews from our happy clients! In the latest G2 Winter 2021 results, we’ve been recognised as a leader in the reference checking and pre-employment screening category. It doesn’t stop there; our other accolades acknowledge us as a high performer in the enterprise, mid-market and small business segment, which is a reflection of our commitment to helping our customers make confident hiring decisions. 

We take pride in our excellent customer support that many of our clients vouch for; the G2 award for ‘Best Customer Experience’ reaffirms our customers’ sentiments. We’ve also secured a new badge for the ‘Most Implementable’ in the category. 

Xref has over 125 G2 reviews featuring happy customers that have given us a score of 9.3/10 for ease of use, quality of support and ease of set up. We are proud of receiving the Users Love Us reward again, which is measured by the reviews that award us four or more stars overall. 

Xref Badge Success

Here is a list of badges that we’ve been awarded:

  1. Overall Leader in reference checking and pre-employment screening
  2. High Performer for Enterprise 
  3. High Performer for Mid-market 
  4. High Performer for Small-Business
  5. Best Relationship 
  6. Best Usability 
  7. Most Implementable
  8. Best Meets Requirements for Small-Business
  9. Users Love Us
G2 winter 2021 badges with confetti

What Makes G2 Customer Reviews Valuable

G2 is a peer-to-peer business solutions review website that uses customer feedback to rank the best business services and software. This review platform helps users to measure brands and products against similar competitors, helping to narrow down the right fit for their individual needs. G2 helps to provide confidence that the final decision is made based on the experiences of customers already using the platform. 

What Makes Xref the Best of Breed Solution?

1. Automates your hiring process and saves time: Hiring teams are always in a rush to close positions, the Xref tool can automate the last but crucial step of reference checking to speed up the hiring process. This may save you from losing your candidate to the competition if they have multiple offers on the table.

2. Works at the convenience of the referee: Not all referees can take a call on the fly, they would want time to recall and prepare for that check. You would prefer to get a thoughtful reference check to ensure you have the right person for the job, which makes Xref an excellent tool as it works outside of regular working hours and timezones.

3. Works better than traditional phone-based checking: Not all referees have time to have a long phone conversation, especially during working hours. While most people would be happy to act out of goodwill, referees may give short answers to speed up the conversation and get back to what they were doing. 

4. Adds an extra layer of security and is easy to use: As a hiring company, you’re in contact with sensitive employee data gathered from online reference checking. Sensitive candidate data must be secure; Xref ensures that the right data security, compliance, and privacy measures are in place.

5. Stellar customer service: You want to be sure that after the sale has taken place several communication lines open to you if you need them. Our customers vouch for our gold star customer support. 

G2 winter 2021 badges with confetti

6. Detects unusual activity: A reliable online reference checking system can detect suspicious activity and flag any fraudulent movements. In the last six months, our platform has detected more than 500 cases of unusual activity per month. Customers get notified for unusual activities such as two people accessing the questionnaire from the same IP address etc. In some instances, this may not be the reason to disqualify the candidate, but it can certainly assure you about the accuracy of feedback that you will receive. 

7. Customisable: The ability to tailor the entire reference checking process with custom branding, bespoke communication with candidates and references, and unlimited reference templates that can be added with ease, creates a better experience for everyone involved and delivers more significant insights. 

8. Provides insights to benchmark candidates: Xref ‍Insights gathered from online reference checking can help you hire smarter. Data-driven insights can move your decision from a gut feeling to a dependable choice; the same insights can stop you from recruiting a lousy hire. When people are your greatest asset, you want to hire right.

9. Integrates well with ATS: Busy HR teams don’t have time to switch between applications, a seamless system can help you change from manual to automated solutions resulting in better productivity. 

We’ve built our tool to integrate seamlessly with HR platforms and automate crucial HR processes; the reason why 1000’s of customers rely on our reference checking technology.

It’s an honour to receive such high ratings, and we are thankful to our clients who have given us these valuable reviews. Unbiased feedback helps us understand what the reference checking space needs and how we can improve our tool to help our clients be at the top of their hiring. We’ve been ten years in the business, our endeavour is to continue to work hard to ensure that both our platform and team offer clients the best possible experience. 

If you’re an Xref user and would like to share your feedback on your experience of using Xref, you can leave us a review on G2 (we’d eagerly look forward to it!) or if you'd like to review our G2 page, feel free to visit!

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