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Xref Onboards New Integration Partner, MyRecruitment+



Streamlining and Solving Challenges in the HR Workflow

One of the biggest trends in HR is the increasing move of employers to embrace faster and better workflow systems. The HR landscape is complex with vital functions such as recruiting, reference checking and onboarding. In such a scenario, managing multiple platforms can be cumbersome, data can exist in silos, and admin can take up most of your time. For a recruiting team always under pressure to close job positions and onboard candidates quicker, HR technology can be one of the most significant time and resource savers. Integrations in particular help overcome multiple hurdles, and that’s what our latest partnership strives to achieve. 

Xref and MyRecruitment+ have formed an integration partnership for their users to leverage all-in-one HR tools and seamless HR workflow.

MyRecruitment+ is a cloud-based recruitment and onboarding software that helps recruiters manage their entire hiring process from the initial stages that a manager submits a request-to-hire form right through to the onboarding of the candidate. 

Xref’s integration with MyRecruitment+ will allow users to complete the reference check of their candidates through a single platform. With this arrangement, users don’t need to switch between multiple platforms but can directly send out reference checks from the MyRecruitment+ system. Admins get to track and see the progress of their reference checks. Once the check is completed, they can download a data-driven insights report which benchmarks the candidate against others. The downloadable report optimises the ability of a hiring manager to base their decision on predictive insights. 

From both an integration and partner perspective, an offering of combined services and insights to support hiring companies opens opportunities to expand our network and solutions to new customers.  Our latest partnership adds to the growing portfolio integrations with like-minded HR technology solutions. 

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