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Xref Online Reference Checking FAQs for Recruiters



Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions on the Xref online reference checking tool.

How does Xref work?‍

Step 1: The candidate shares details of his references. 

Step 2: You send the references a reference questionnaire using an inbuilt template or a customised one. 

Step 3: Referees submit the required information. You get to see the progress of the reference check.

How to set up an account?

Xref is suitable for all kinds of hiring needs, from small and medium businesses to large enterprise setups. If your hiring need is 20 candidates per year, we recommend using Lite (and you can try it for free here). If you have a hiring requirement of 50 hires or more, an enterprise account will be more suited for your needs (request a demo). 

How do I create a new user?‍

Account administrators can set up new users and deactivate anyone who is no longer using the account. Once logged in, the account admin will need to click on the Settings/gear icon in the top right- hand corner and select 'Manage Users' followed by 'Create New User' (again, in the top right corner). Then simply follow the prompts to submit the new user’s details. If you would like to find out who has administrative access within your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.‍

How can I delete the email address that I have entered for my candidate?‍

If the candidate has not received an email due to an incorrect email address, please delete the previous request for references and create a new Xref with the correct/updated email address. You can do this when you log into the Xref platform and will receive an automatic reimbursement for the credit used upon deleting the initial Xref request.

My candidate is yet to receive an email from Xref?‍

Ensure that your candidate has checked their spam/junk folders for any correspondence from us. If nothing is discovered, please ensure that you have used a valid email address for their request. If the email address is valid, please contact our support team, and we will look into the matter for you.

I want a free demo; who do I contact?‍

Click here to get in touch with sales.‍

Why is Xref better than checking references manually? ‍

If your current process involves manual calls to referees, you would be spending lots of work hours on verification, not to forget the time spent on phone tag. With Xref, your verification process speeds up as it operates during and outside of working hours, including weekends, till the checks are complete.‍

How long does a reference check take? ‍

Reference checks can be done in as little as 24-36 hours.

What information is provided in the reference report?‍

A reference check report can give you the following information:

  • The tenure of the candidate’s role they are being referenced for
  • Turnaround time for the reference
  • A sentiment analysis that picks up positive and negative language used by the referee
  • A word count and how well your candidate measures up against other candidates.

What information is provided in the reference analysis?‍

Our expert team has developed a sentiment analysis that picks up on the positive and negative language used by the referee to indicate the candidate’s performance and whether the referee recommends the candidate for this position.

Can I customise the questions a reference is asked?‍

Yes, you can. You can either use a template from our list of questions or use questions of your own.

Can I create different questionnaires for different roles? 

Yes, you can. You have the option of creating templates for different levels for which you hire, junior, mid, senior. 

What happens if a reference declines the invitation? ‍

Preferably your candidate should contact his list of references in advance. If a reference declines, you could send out a new reference to a new referee. Xref has a lifecycle feature where you can monitor every activity on a reference request.

Can I track the progress of a reference request?‍

Yes, you can. Xref has a lifecycle feature where you can monitor every activity on a reference request. This includes your activity, the candidate’s activity, the referee’s activity and when any automated reminder emails have been sent out. 

Does Xref integrate into my existing HR platform and apps?‍

Xref integrates with HR platforms and apps to create a seamless recruitment flow. You could get in touch with our customer success team to understand how best the integration can work out for your organisation.

Does Xref protect my business from fraudulent candidates?‍

The Xref system can detect potentially suspicious activity during a reference check such as matching IP address, matching operating system and internet browser of the candidate and referee. Unusual activity alerts are based on data collected and managed by Xref and are intended to alert you to possible suspicious activity. We recommend that your team look at the unusual activity alerts and investigate them before hiring. 

How long does Xref take to set up?‍

Xref can be integrated into your HR platform and set up in as little as 24 hours.

Is Xref suitable for small businesses?‍

Yes, Xref is suitable for all kinds of hiring needs, from small and medium businesses to large enterprise setups.

What support services does Xref offer? ‍

Our support teams are here if at any point you get stuck when requesting a reference or have any questions on pricing and integrations; you can simply submit an enquiry.

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