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Xref wins Best Software Company award

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Best software company award Australia New Zealand

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Xref has been named a Best Software company in Australia and New Zealand by G2. The list, released overnight, ranks the Top 25 Best Software companies in Australia and New Zealand for 2023.

Xref has ranked on this list for three years running. This award reflects Xref’s commitment to continue growing and improving our platform and listening to our customers’ feedback.

The G2 Best Software awards are earned by companies across the globe that provide best-in-class products and experiences for their customers. Decided by software buyers on the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, the Best Software Awards showcase the best software for anything and everything your organisation wants to accomplish.

Quote about being named best software company for three consecutive years

When asked about the win, Xref’s Group General Manager - Revenue, Sarah Mulvenna said,

“It’s very exciting to be named as a Best Software Company across Australia and New Zealand for one year, but three consecutive years is extra special. We are honoured that our customers have such a positive experience using Xref throughout their talent journey.
Many excellent software providers out there help people save time and reduce administration. With Xref supporting the niche needs of the HR industry, we can help our customers gain valuable feedback in the form of data and actionable insights to recruit, retain and remember their talent.” 

Karina Guerra, Xref’s General Manager of Customer Intelligence and Marketing shared her thoughts.

It's an honour to be listed along with companies such as Atlassian, Canva, Xero and others who have revolutionised the way their respective industries work, just as Xref has done in the HR space.

The Best Software Award is in addition to our recent Winter 2023 results, where Xref took home eight badges including; Leader, Best Usability, Best Results and Best Relationship. Keep an eye out for our G2 Spring 2023 results, released early April! 

Thank you to our users

With almost 280 user reviews and an average 4.8 star rating, Xref is committed to delivering an exceptional product and user experience. We take pride in implementing feedback where possible. 

Thank you to our customers for taking the time to review our reference checking software on G2. For five consecutive quarters, Xref has ranked #1 reference checking software by G2. 

Among other methods, Xref uses Google, G2 and Capterra reviews to collect user feedback and ensure that our customer experience is second to none. Our team members love to read positive feedback and take constructive reviews very seriously. Many of Xref’s features have been developed from customer requests. 

Our customers say…

“I like that you can customize your questions on Xref. Our organization has a detailed background check process, so it is nice to be able to customize the questions to fit our needs. Xref helps eliminate emailing all the references and verifications personally. It also helps keep track of the references and verifications in one place.” - Brittany D.
“I like that it is an easy to use tool and provides good feedback. It solves my problem of not having to do manual over the phone references, which take up a lot of our time.” - Samantha F.
"Makes checking references super simple and secure. The automation helps - not having to manually contact referees, which is time consuming. Xref automates the reference checking process and the anti-fraud features reduce fraudulent candidates from slipping through the cracks.” - Dylan S.

We always welcome more reviews, so if you’re an Xref customer and would like to give feedback on your experience with us, you can do so on our page on G2.

About G2’s Best Software Companies Awards

G2’s Best Software Companies Awards are earned based on a combination of G2’s Satisfaction and Market Presence scores for each seller. The regional lists are based on multiple criteria, including where the company was founded, where the executive team resides, and where most of the workforce is located.

Each day, new and returning users visit G2 to leverage a growing community of trusted reviewers to feel empowered to make intelligent software buying decisions for their business.

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