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Xref leads in G2's winter 2023 report for reference checking

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G2 award badges for Xref

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2022 has been a big year for Xref, with the launch of a new website, our Enterprise platform and Exits surveys. Our hard work has paid off and we can close out the year on a high note! 

The G2 Winter 2023 report was released overnight, and Xref shines once again. We are the #1 reference checking company globally and have been acknowledged as the market leader in reference checking and pre-employment checks for the fifth straight quarter.  

With an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 based on 270 user reviews, the G2 Winter 2022 report awards Xref badges for Best Usability, Best Results in reference checking, Best Relationship, Users Love Us and more.

The Xref commitment to customers

Xref is extremely proud to have received these awards from G2 as a result of our satisfied customers. We are committed to innovating on our already market-leading platform by improving ease of use, speed, data security and integrations with HR management platforms. We’re also dedicated to bringing exciting new products to our platform, such as Exit Surveys that allow organisations to discover reasons why employees are leaving and maintain a talent pool of ex-employees who may be interested in returning to another position.

In 2023, we will be adding more new products and services to the Xref platform, giving customers even more to love. 

G2 2023 awards

In the Winter 2023 report, Xref has been awarded eight badges, once again highlighting why Xref is the market-leading reference checking platform. 

Take a look at our award success for Winter 2023:

  1. Leader
  2. Leader - Mid Market
  3. Users Love Us
  4. Best Usability
  5. Best Usability - Mid Market
  6. Best Results
  7. Best Relationship
  8. Best Relationship - Mid Market

What do our G2 badges show? 

Each of the G2 badges we have been awarded indicates that Xref has scored high in a given category. These categories all look at a specific aspect of our reference checking platform, such as ease of implementation, usability, customer service or overall satisfaction.


The Leader badge is awarded to companies, platforms or products that are a leader in that space and is based on new reviews from customers. The badge is an indicator that these products are “rated highly by G2 users and have substantial market presence scores.”

Users Love Us 

The Users Love Us badge is an overall indicator of how satisfied customers are with Xref. The badge is awarded for the volume of reviews that score us at least four stars out of five.

Best Usability 

The Usability badge and score are a direct indication of how customers view the use and administration of the Xref platform. The badge is a sign that users find Xref simple to use and that the admin is straightforward and easy to understand.

Xref is proud to have a usability score of 9.4 out of 10. 

Best Relationship

The Relationship score covers a number of aspects in regard to customer satisfaction. Using a proprietary algorithm, G2 compiles a score based on a number of relationship-based questions, such as how satisfied a customer was with customer support and the sales process, as well as their likelihood of recommending the product or service to someone else. 

Using the relationship score and badge, organisations contemplating implementing Xref can get a good indication of how much customers like interacting with Xref.

Why are G2 scores and badges valuable?

G2 uses feedback from business service and software customers to aggregate overall category scores. The platform measures brands and products against competitors in the marketplace to give an overall impression of how easy to use, implement and support these products are. This allows companies to directly compare similar products based on their specific needs and wants. G2 allows companies to base their final decisions on feedback from customers who have experience with the platform. 

Take a look at what our customers have to say:

Customer quote about Xref reference checks

About G2

G2 is a review site specialising in software and service platforms. Scores are aggregated from customer reviews and compared to products within the same niche. Each quarter, G2 releases a report ranking the top products in a category based on customer reviews received within the reporting period.

Xref is the only HR platform that allows you to recruit, retain and remember employees. That is why we are ranked the #1 reference checking software platform by G2. We always welcome more reviews, so if you’re an Xref customer and you’d like to give some feedback on your experience with us, you can do so on our page on G2.

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