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Xref wins ‘Users Love Us’ Award for the Sixth Quarter in a Row

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G2 Spring Awards 2023

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We are proud to announce that Xref has been recognised yet again for our commitment to our customers. The G2 Spring Report 2023 has been released, and Xref has won the ‘Users Love Us’ badge for the sixth consecutive quarter!

The Users Love Us badge is special to us because it means our customers are deeply satisfied with our products. From ease of use to reliability, Xref remains well-loved by the HR community.

In the most recent Spring results, Xref ranked first in the Best Usability category with 9.4 out of 10 for ease of use and 9.3 out of 10 for ease of setup. This means we have excelled in areas such as:

  • High customer satisfaction with Xref’s ease of use
  • Meeting customer requirements
  • High user adoption

We are thrilled that Xref has been recognised for usability and user experience.

The G2 Spring 2023 awards

Overall, Xref has been awarded six badges in the G2 Spring Report 2023, which indicate that we have scored highly in multiple areas including; ease of use, customer support, customer satisfaction and more, all based on genuine, independent user reviews.

With above-average performance in the HR field, the badges Xref won for Spring 2023 include Best Usability, Best Results, Leader, Leader (Mid-Market), Momentum Leader and Users Love Us.

In addition to Xref’s Best Usability results, we ranked #1 in the Best Results category. Our customers find it easy to do business with us, they are satisfied with our products and are likely to recommend us.

We also scored highly in the Leader category, which is based on factors such as how well our product meets our customers’ needs.

Why our users love us

According to our customers, our reference checking software relieves HR from time-consuming tasks and improves the efficiency of the hiring process, meaning organisations can hire with confidence.

We have a G2 score of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on over 282 authentic user reviews.

Take a look at some of our glowing reviews from the most recent quarter.

“Xref is a very beneficial tool for checking references. Not only is the interface super easy to navigate, but the customer support is hands down one of the best I have worked with! Xref completes the package of efficiency, productivity and support.” – Cisco A
“Xref is a convenient program that helps to ease my workload. The responses are in-depth and really helpful.” – Eleanor P
“Xref is so convenient and easy to use. It is like set and forget and it does all the work for you.” – Astha G
“Xref automates the reference checking process and the anti-fraud features reduce fraudulent candidates from slipping through the cracks.” – Dylan S
“Xref speeds up the hiring manager’s time and we receive proper answers rather than calling the reference on the spot. We don’t have to waste time calling references that are busy during that time.” – Sara S

To read more customer reviews, check out our page on G2.

What’s next for Xref?

Last year, we released Xref Enterprise and Exit Surveys, and 2023 is shaping up to be even bigger. On the horizon is the release of another new product: Xref Pulse Surveys. This will help organisations gain employee feedback and insights to improve organisational metrics and better engage and retain top talent. Stay tuned for more information!

About G2

G2 is a review site that compares software and service platforms. Every quarter, G2 releases a report that ranks products based on independent review scores from verified users to display an unbiased, holistic view of the world’s best software companies. Xref is consistently highly ranked in the reference checking software category by G2. If you’d like to read more of our reviews, or if you’re an Xref customer and you’d like to leave a review, take a look at our page on G2.

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