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Xref’s Reference Checking Platform Continues to Rank as a High Performer



Xref ranks as an Industry High Performer for Fall 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that Xref has once again ranked high on the G2 leaderboards! 

Continuing on from our success last season, Xref has once again been ranked as a high performer in the reference check software market, as identified by real, verified users who have provided their feedback on G2, the business software comparison website. 

G2 is a trusted resource adopted by businesses across the globe to help customers sort through the many offerings and solutions available. This tool helps users to measure brands and products against similar competitors, helping to narrow down the right fit for their individual needs. G2 helps to provide confidence that the final decision is made based on the experiences of customers already using the platform.

Measuring Success‍

The process undertaken by G2 to rate software solutions for each category is unique and complex. It includes an assessment of the reviews provided, as well as aggregated data from online sources and social networks and adopts a unique algorithm to calculate scores for satisfaction and market presence.

‍G2 Badge Success 

In the latest round of award badges, issued by G2 for performance in its Fall Performance Reports, Xref has received a total of nine highly regarded achievements. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished during what has been a very challenging year for the Globe and we’re very thankful for our users and clients who have taken the time to share their feedback about our services. Below is a brief summary of what each badge that Xref has been awarded means.

G2 Fall 2020 badges with brand shapes

Best Relationship

Receiving the ‘Best Relationship’ badge is based on the overall customer satisfaction that the reviewer had from using our product. Providing a high quality service that customers love and would be likely to recommend to others is important to us as it shows the impact and difference we’re making by helping our clients gain insight and build trust through better reference checks.

Best Usability

G2 rates products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. They then apply a unique, patent-pending algorithm to this data to calculate the product's Usability score. Receiving the best usability badge is a clear indicator of the ease of use and administration that our users have found using Xref.

G2 fall 2020 badges, best relationship and usability

Users Most Likely To Recommend - Small-Business

Receiving the ‘Users Most Likely To Recommend’ badge is a great indicator of the value that our customers have found from using our service. Having received the most likely to recommend rating within the category is a great sign of how successful our product is and helps to show that Xref has truly become a trusted source for reference checking solutions within the industry.

High Performer

Products in the High Performer quadrant in the G2 Report have high customer satisfaction scores. This indicates how popular the service is and helps to show users how a product measures against similar services. Xref consistently shows up each season as a high performer and we will continue to strive to meet and exceed our customers' needs.

G2 fall 2020 badges, most likely to recommed and high performer

Best Meets Requirements - Small-Business

The ‘Best Meets Requirements’ badge in the Small Business category identifies Xref as having earned the highest reward for meeting all requirements in the category. It is testament to how reliable our product is and how we’ve done our due diligence to ensure the industry standards are met and exceeded. 

High Performer - Enterprise

Products in the High Performer quadrant in the G2 Report have high customer satisfaction scores. This indicates how popular the service is in the Enterprise category and helps to show users how a product measures against similar services. Xref consistently shows up each season as a high performer across several  categories and we’re grateful to be continually recognised in this way.

G2 fall 2020 badges, Requirements and high performer

High Performer - Small-Business

As mentioned previously, products that receive the High Performer badge are those that are ranked high within 

the quadrant of that corresponding category. Xref has also received this honour in the Small-Business category reaffirming our product’s usefulness across a varying range of business needs.

High Performer - Mid-Market

Xref has also received the High Performer badge in the Mid-Market category. It’s exciting to see that Xref is so highly regarded by our users in over four different categories.

G2 fall badge, users love us

Users Love Us 

Last but not least, our favourite badge which we are very grateful to have received every season is the Users Love Us reward! This badge is measured by the volume of reviews received that award us four or more stars overall. We’re thrilled to receive such positive recognition as we will always continue to strive towards providing a product that our users truly love. We’re very thankful for our clients who provide us with such honest feedback and who are constantly helping to shape a product that fits seamlessly within their recruitment process.

What Our Users Are Saying‍

So, what are some of the reviewers saying that have contributed to our success on G2? 

Five green stars

Great resource!

“They [Xref] save me a lot of time. Referees are able to respond to questions when it best suits them. This gives them the opportunity to give thought to their answers. What's also good is that Xref can track if references are legit. We've had cases where candidates have provided false references. Xref was able to determine by IP address that the references provided came from the candidates IP number.”

Five green stars

Convenient, fast and easy.

“If you are looking to verify a number of candidates this is extremely useful. if you are time poor or are needing a quick turnaround time then this is also a great tool to use. It allows candidates to select more than one referee so you can get a strong referral in a short time with little effort. The notifications mean you know where the process is up to and when the referee is complete so you can set and forget.”

Five green stars

Easy to use, saving you time and money!

“Having Xref take care of references allowed me to focus on other impactful initiatives. If you're looking to get leverage on your time, I would highly recommend outsourcing references to Xref!”

Have Your Say

For today’s digital workforce, being able to assess platform performance through a trusted, online resource is not only useful but critical to making fast and informed decisions. User reviews have been proven to outperform any other assessments in the consumer world, for some time, and platforms like G2 are proving the same can be said for B2B decision-makers. 

If you’re an Xref user and would like to share your thoughts and enable other HR and recruitment leaders to make their decision on the best reference checking tool for them, you can leave us a review on G2. (We’d also be very grateful for it!)

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