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Making More Insightful Hiring Decisions with Xref | Krispy Kreme

Hear how automating reference checks with Xref has enabled Krispy Kreme to make more insightful hiring decisions.

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"Our reference checking process has been simplified and streamlined."


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What drove you to switch from manual to automated reference checking?

Krispy Kreme now boasts 27 dedicated outlets across Australia and New Zealand. But the widely dispersed and largely autonomous environment in which our stores operate makes it difficult to ensure consistent recruitment processes and easy, efficient communication with our corporate HR team.

In the past, our reference checking processes were led by individual store managers, but HR staff in our Head Office also needed to review and approve the final hiring decision. The necessary back and forth communications between stores across the country and the Head Office in Sydney made the recruitment process long and time-consuming.

This inefficiency sparked a desire for change. Given store managers’ in-store commitments, it was difficult for them to allocate the time required to conduct recruitment tasks. At the same time, our HR staff were trying to implement consistency in the processes used, in order to ensure good hiring decisions were being made. We knew we needed to bring structure and cohesion to our recruitment process for the future success of our business.

What was your brief for Xref?

We needed a centralised reference-checking solution that could speed up the recruitment and hiring process. We wanted to turn a task that was largely viewed as a chore into a consistent and efficient method of generating valuable insights that could act as a useful hiring tool.

We also needed a solution that would provide transparency across our dispersed operating environments and be flexible enough for our varying recruitment needs. Whether we wanted to hire in bulk for several stores or wanted to make a single hire for Head Office, we needed a platform that was versatile enough to enable us to do both with ease.

What has been the outcome of using Xref?

Xref formed part of a wider strategy to improve the approaches we were taking to source and recruit new talent. The first tool we implemented was Expr3ss!, which hugely simplified our staff selection. After introducing this initial piece of software, we were able to quickly adopt Xref, given the integration of the platforms. The two solutions now bookend our recruitment, ensuring we find the right people to take through the hiring process, and we validate their suitability before making an offer. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Since introducing Xref, we have been better equipped to make more insightful hiring decisions, as a result of the valuable data we now have access to. All referees for a specific role are asked the same questions no matter which store they are being hired for, generating standardised, comparable information.

Also, rather than doubling up on paperwork and tasks, the reference checking process has become simplified and streamlined, with store managers and Head Office HR staff fulfilling specific responsibilities.

Store managers now send a contract request form to Head Office, and the HR team requests a reference check through Xref, prior to issuing a letter of offer. This has enabled our HR team to manage the bulk of the referencing task with full visibility and control, giving store managers the opportunity to deliver greater value by maximising their time on the shop floor.

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