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Oliver & Bonacini enjoy the speed and trustworthiness Xref brings

Hospitality and food service, Oliver & Bonacini enjoy the speed, accuracy and trustworthiness Xref brings to reference checks.

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"It's super easy to use, it's user-friendly and it's effective!"


References completed outside of business hours


Average time for reference providers to submit feedback


The success rate on reference completion using Xref

What drove you to switch from manual to automated reference checks?

Previously we, like most hiring teams, were reliant on phone based reference checks, calling references directly and manually recording the feedback they shared.

We would find ourselves continually chasing and trying to connect with references - it took a lot of time and resources and was not the best use of our team’s time.

So, when we first heard about Xref it sounded like a great tool that could significantly improve our efficiency, by eliminating the need to manually manage the process.

We haven’t looked back since!

What was your brief for Xref?

We were looking for a tool that would automate and facilitate the whole reference checking process for us.

Our primary concern was to find a solution that would improve the efficiency and flexibility of the process as the crux of the issue for us was in connecting with references and keeping track of those that we had or hadn’t spoken to.

We needed a platform we could trust to do the process right and well, and that we’d feel comfortable and confident using as a team.

What has been the outcome of using Xref?

We use Xref as the last step of our hiring process and it has given us the confidence we need to be sure that we are making the right hiring decision.

In the industry we work in, a lot of managers will work late nights and so “normal” working hours aren’t the best time to get hold of them for a reference. Xref allows them to provide feedback at a time that works for them.

It has helped us hire better talent - by ensuring that that process doesn’t take so long that we lose the best candidates to competitors - and offers the assurance that candidates and references are who they say they are.

The Xref fraud detection tool is something that we hadn’t considered when we first signed up but we have been aware of it on a couple of occasions. We have had a couple of candidates who have submitted their own references and the Xref platform has been able to detect it and raise a red flag to us almost immediately.

This has given us the opportunity to contact the candidates directly to better understand why they completed the process themselves. We’ve realized there is occasionally a valid explanation for it, but it has certainly made us more aware of the dangers of automatically trusting that you are speaking to the right person.

Ultimately, Xref has freed up time for our team to really focus on other areas of the hiring process - such as reviewing resumes and conducting a thorough interview process.

It's super easy to use, it's user-friendly and it's effective!

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