How Westpac benefit from tailored service with the use of Xref

Westpac reviews Xref's online reference checking software and discusses the improvements they have seen in turnaround time, costs and headcount efficiency.

How Westpac benefit from tailored service with the use of Xref

It takes, on average, just 22 hours to turnaround references


44% of references are completed outside traditional business hours


Westpac references now include, on average, 300 words per report

Westpac started using Xref in 2012, in order to centralise reference checking practices across the organisation. Prior to introducing Xref, reference checking was consuming too much of the team's time and, as a result, it had become an expensive exercise.

Since adopting Xref, Adam and his team have enjoyed a dramatic reduction in the time taken to complete reference checks, as well as improved individual efficiency and an overall cost reduction for referencing across the business. The Xref solution has also given Westpac a legally-binding approval and consent process that takes place before referees provide a reference - a small element of the process that offers significant reassurance.

Using Xref, Westpac has:

  • Benefitted from a tailored service from the Xref team
  • Achieved significantly improved headcount efficiency
  • Reduced the risks of reference checking by centralising the process

Why Xref?

Faster reference turnaround times

Have detailed reference checks completed within 24-36 hours.

Ability to benchmark candidates

Measure candidates against core competencies specific to the role.

Real-time progress updates

Keep track of the progress of your requested references with real-time updates.

Reduced risk of reference fraud

Receive notifications of suspicious activity with Xref's multi-touch fraud algorithm.

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