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Exit Surveys has expanded Xref's offering to collect, analyse, and measure feedback from departing employees. Improve retention, build a measurable employer brand, and reduce recruitment spend.

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Build an unfair advantage

Exit Survey provides revolutionary industry comparable Net Promoter Score (NPS). Use it to improve, compare against your peer group or showcase your score to potential candidates when securing talent.

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Identify what's driving attrition

How does each department rate against metric such as diversity, inclusion, environment, culture? Exit Survey collects structured data that aggregates into an organisation's performance metrics.

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Build a community of verified rehires

Departing employees get details of their tenure verified, complete with line manager authentication. Rate their skills and competencies, rehire status and overall exit sentiment.


Remember, track, and rehire great talent

Don't let the memory of outgoing talent fade away. Build a corporate memory bank of the degree of talent that leaves you. Measure exit sentiment, the reason for leaving and assess their key skills. Track them over time and target them for rehire in the years to come.

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Call time on external rating sites

For too long external rating sites have been collecting feedback from unhappy staff and then attempting to sell your solutions to fix the problem. Counter this by obtaining detailed insights yourself and call time on those bad review sites that don't tell the full story

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Bring the band back together

Compile detailed feedback across years of operation for an unlimited number of ex-employees. Identify how changes in the market or organisation have improved your NPS or organisational metrics and categorise a list of ex-employees eager to return.

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The surprising benefits of Xref

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Report sharing and tracking

Quickly and securely send a reference report to a colleague from within the Xref platform using the report sharing and tracking feature.

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Value & trust

Trusted by more than 1,200 businesses globally, with reliable tech, dedicated account managers and local support.

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Identity verification

Verify your candidates’ ID using just your smartphone, by securely matching ID documentation to real-time data sources.

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Bulk requests

Send out the reference request to up to 100 candidates in one go.

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Background checks

Gather relevant background details for every new hire with one of Xref’s background checking integration partners.

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Build compliant pipelines

Securely store the contact details of references who have provided explicit consent to be contacted as a potential candidate.

Trusted by more than 1200 businesses around the world

Xref has helped me save a lot in terms of the opportunity cost when you look at the amount of time I have back in my week. Now, I can spend that time doing other things as a 360 recruiter running my own business.

Mahlah Ludekens
Director of RecruitR

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Our software has over a million happy users. Xref simplifes the reference checking process and allows  hiring managers to make the most insightful decisions when choosing the right candidate for your business.

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