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Video on-demand: Boomerang employees: What's in it for you?

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Returning employees can be some of your best ambassadors.

Nova System's Serena Macalister and Woolworths Group's Anna Hodges joined Xref's Jono McCauley for a lively and engaging discussion focused on the topic of boomerang employees, an important hot topic for those in HR, staffing and talent acquisition.

The webinar covered these major areas:

  • Pros and cons of hiring boomerang employees
  • Real case studies of successful returning employees
  • The power of remembering your talent
  • How to build an alumni talent pool

As well as some important questions being answered:

  • What has happened in the market that has generated interest in boomerang employees?
  • Has the way we think about boomerang employees changed over time?
  • Why are boomerang employees valuable? Why would you rehire a previous employee?
  • Can you share a success story when you had a valued employee leave and then they returned?
  • Who is responsible for attracting talent back?

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