Building A Business Case for HR Tech

Need buy-in for your next HR tech investment? Find out what is needed for the best chance of getting approval

With the high-speed and added accessibility of cloud-based software, it has provided great opportunities for growth within the HR industry. It can empower decision making, enhance candidate experience, streamline workflows and most of all, relieve our teams of the tedious and inefficient tasks.

The challenge we face is positioning that solution as a viable alternative to the way that things have always been done. Getting approval for your HR tech of choice can be difficult and it’s important to approach the conversation with evidence and confidence in the recommendation that you are making. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

We have put together this guide from start to finish so you have a strong case, including:

  • Defining and measuring the business opportunity and risk - It is important that your business case demonstrates the wider benefits of HR tech to the business and the individuals it would impact.
  • Getting buy-in from internal stakeholders - Once you have an understanding of their current pain points, you can use these insights to demonstrate how your HR tech solution could help overcome them.
  • Persuade to executive by demonstrating your vision for success - Mapping out your “best case scenario” will help you get your leadership team onboard with your vision of success.
  • Getting Final Approval - Prepare yourself by making sure you have the answers to the questions they might ask.

With the right planning, stakeholder engagement and data to support your argument, you will have yourself a business case that upper executives can’t deny.

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