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Confident Hiring in Aged Care and the NDIS: Xref Insights with Kieren Samways

Conducting due diligence and hiring with confidence in positions of trust

Sourcing talent and good candidates is a challenge in all industries, but specifically for Aged Care and NDIS organisations. 

People in these valuable roles are in positions of trust, so organisations in this industry need to be confident in who they are hiring. 

Watch this video interview with Kieren Samways, Xref’s Account Executive specialising in Aged Care and the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) as he explores the importance of reducing time to hire whilst completing due diligence accurately and with ease.

Kieren shares real customer success stories and offers insight into how his clients are mitigating risk. 

In this video, Kieren speaks about:

  • The latest HR trends and recruitment challenges for Aged Care and the NDIS
  • Real customer case studies 
  • How Xref can help 

Watch the video for more insights. 

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