[DOWNLOAD PDF] Digital Reference Checks: Better For All Roles

Why Digital References are Better for All Roles

For internal recruitment teams, time is of the essence and in a challenging hiring market, minimising admin is key to remaining competitive. That’s where digital reference checking comes in, taking the legwork out of a critical recruitment task to ensure it is done quickly and with compliance.

But the buck doesn’t stop at certain roles or industries. Regardless of who you’re hiring, robust reference checking remains essential for confident recruitment decisions.

From blue collar staff to executive hires, Xref is used across a diverse range of roles.

We’ve put together a guide that covers everything you need to know about digital referencing. Within this guide we have separated it into three parts:

  • Who are you hiring? - Whether you are looking to hire white collar, blue collar, volunteers or peak period hires, it is important to understand the challenges that are present in referencing and the solutions to help overcome them to create a smooth, stream-lined experience for your team, the referees and the candidates.
  • Improvements on Phone-Based Reference Checking - Xref minimises delays in the recruitment process, enabling you to focus on hiring the best talent. It creates a smooth, fast process for everyone to ensure a lasting, positive recruitment experience. And it eliminates the need for any chasing, to allow you more breathing space to find the best hires. Xref's unique multi-touch fraud algorithm monitors for any unusual activity during a reference. It raises a red flag and offers peace of mind that any potentially fraudulent activity from the candidate — such as writing their own references — will be detected.
  • Xref tools and features - Xref offers a large range of benefits to help enhance your reference checking process. From the template builder, to people search, unusual activity detection and more, there is no better time to review your current process and see how Xref could benefit your team and hiring operations.

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Xref is an enterprise-grade solution that makes reference, background and ID checking fast, simple and secure. With user-friendly technology, a fully-automated process and local customer support teams, it is now trusted by businesses all over the world to empower great people decisions.

The platform is accessible from any device and integrates with multiple leading HR tools and ATS platforms to offer seamless, end-to-end recruitment workflows.

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