Hiring For Success: A Six Step Cheat Sheet

How to: sell your value proposition, write a great job ad, measure your success & more!

The emphasis on reducing the time and cost involved in recruitment has meant that some recruiting practices have not evolved since what seems like the beginning of recruitment itself. 

We have put together a six step cheat sheet to help make sure that you are hiring for success.

Download the checklist to gain further insight into the following:

  • Thinking outside the jobseeker box - With online job boards and professional social networks offering perfect platforms to identify active job seekers, it can be tempting not to venture beyond them. Learn some of the ways to think outside of the box within the recruitment process.
  • Understanding the who, why and the what - Until you assess the existing situation and the need for a new recruit, you will not be in a position to fill the role. Understand the importance of clarifying exactly what you are looking for through the process.
  • Sell your employer value proposition - Recruitment is a two-way street. While you’re scrutinizing the resumes of applicants, they too are finding out as much as they can about your organization and the type of workplace you offer. 
  • Aim to hire the best team, not just the best talent - One individual hire is not going to mark the success of your entire business, but making those individual hires based on the fact that they complement and add to a like minded team, will. 
  • Make the process simple and fast but effective - When you are trying to hire not just to fulfil an immediate need, but for ongoing business success, it’s critical that you bring on the best people, first time, every time. 
  • Measuring your hiring success - The process doesn’t end after you’ve successfully fought to bring in who you believe will be the best new recruit. Discover more about the steps that assist in the follow up of the hiring process.

We have also included a template which you can use to help you implement the checklist for your next hire. If you tick every box, you will be well on your way to implementing a great hiring strategy to help build the team you need for the future.

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