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Seven Questions for HR Software Success

Crucial questions to ask before you invest in HR tech

A wealth of tech-based solutions have flooded the HR industry in recent years, providing efficient, cost effective alternatives to otherwise old and archaic business processes. However, with so many tools for such granular business issues, it can be difficult for HR leaders and recruiters to not only separate the good from the bad, but also identify the right platforms to be investing in right now. 

Our CEO and founder Lee-Martin Seymour, feels that there are seven key questions that every HR or business leader should ask themselves before investing. 

Those questions include:

  • Is it business critical? - When the chips are down, you have no budget and the market goes south. What business critical toolsets do HR and recruiters really need? The landscape is full of ‘nice to haves’ but do they offer real value when time and money are the enemy?
  • Is it enterprise ready? - Even the most innovative technology solutions are useless unless they pass the stringent legal, technical and commercial requests placed on them by big business. Today, this predominantly centres on data – its storage, protection, and security. Despite the lure of big business most tech startups are simply underprepared or qualified when it comes to guaranteeing regulatory and governance benchmarks.
  • Can it offer significant ROI? - With tight budgets HR leaders and recruiters need technology that writes its own business case and guarantees a return on investment that will fly with their CEO and CFO. Technology that requires significant investment upfront and offers a too distant or uncertain return is shelved for those that have a track record for demonstrating value to the HR team and the broader business they represent
  • Can the solution scale with your business? - Most HR leaders and recruiters want a progressive consumption model, whereby they prove the model in a small part of their business, as they progressively roll it out company wide. They need to know if their technology providers have the bandwidth in support and technical capacity to scale with their ambition. For large multinationals this also means the ability to support them on a global level, with multiple language capabilities.

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