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Live Q&A Video: How to tackle Recruitment Challenges during COVID-19

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Live Q&A Session: Tackling Recruitment Challenges 

It’s been a strange few months for everyone and has definitely stirred up the way things have been done in the recruitment industry. As we prepare for a new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic eases, our recruitment teams are faced with many new challenges to overcome.

We gathered feedback and collected burning questions about challenges and concerns on remote recruitment. We received over 180 questions in total and our industry expert panel answered the most requested ones. 

Meet the panel:

Ben Girdler, Head of Talent Acquisition at NewsCorp

David Meere, National Manager, Talent & Attraction at Life Without Barriers

Nicki McCulloch, Director of Client Solutions ANZ at Hudson RPO

Issues that you will gain insights on:

- As unemployment rates go up, more applications are expected to pour in. Job seekers are gearing up to the reality that they are up against more applicants than usual and recruiters have a larger challenge to pick the right candidates.

What is the best approach to rejecting candidates when you have too many applications?

- While it's tempting to consider someone over-skilled for a role, it is important to consider the long-term consequences of this decision as well as alternate arrangements for these unusual circumstances.

What's your advice/concerns on hiring "overqualified" candidates?

- With the changes that have presented themselves through this current health climate, it is important to make sure that you have taken the right measures to ensure that staff receive a warm welcome and the correct training for safe practises during any in-person contact work.

How have organisations changed their onboarding processes to support new employees working remotely?

- With the increased use of video conferencing and video interviews during the recruitment process, we are curious to know

What has the candidate’s experience been of video interviews?

- The use of technology has created vital communication methods that connect recruitment teams, employers, employees and candidates.

What technology can be used to support hiring during remote recruitment? 

Watch this on-demand webinar for the full answers as our panelists share their insights and advice as answers for some of the burning questions that were collected for this live event. 

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