Maintaining Company Culture With Remote Teams

Even before remote working became commonplace, companies were beginning to struggle to find proactive ways to maintain company culture. With the changing workforce leading to an increasingly diverse mix of roles, places of work and employment agreements, coordinating teams to feel unified and aligned in their values was becoming difficult.

During this webinar, a panel of HR and TA professionals share their experience and advice for maintaining company culture with remote teams, including:

  • The importance of culture for remote teams
  • How can you foster a cohesive company culture when working apart
  • How to manage the hidden risks for culture in remote work
  • Ways to bring your company values to life externally
  • Preparing for life after COVID-19


  • Bobby Moore, People & Culture Specialist
  • Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer & Co-Founder at WorkTango
  • Liana Gavrilkina, Head of Talent Acquisition at Clearbanc
  • Dean Delpeache, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition at Fiix Software

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