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[WATCH VIDEO] How to Maintain Company Culture WFH

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Discover how to maintain company culture with remote teams

Even before remote working became commonplace, companies were beginning to struggle to find proactive ways to maintain company culture. With the changing workforce leading to an increasingly diverse mix of roles, places of work and employment agreements, coordinating teams to feel unified and aligned in their values was becoming difficult.

During this webinar, a panel of HR and talent acquisition professionals share their experience and advice for maintaining company culture with remote teams, including:

  • The importance of culture for remote teams - A good place to start is by defining what goals are important to the company as a whole and making sure that individuals and teams are aligned on what to prioritise when working apart. It’s also a good time to remind staff what the company’s mission is and how everyone plays an integral part in bringing it to life. 
  • How can you foster a cohesive company culture when working apart - A top priority when trying to maintain company culture should be to check in regularly with individuals to make sure that they are doing okay, that they feel fully supported and have what they need. It is the responsibility of leadership teams to work together to make this happen.
  • How to manage the hidden risks for culture in remote work - Company culture often dictates how individuals and teams communicate. When a company goes remote for the first time, there is a risk that individuals will become disconnected.
  • Ways to bring your company values to life externally - As much as you can, try to make your virtual onboarding process as similar to your in-office experience as possible, to help carry across the essence of the company culture.
  • Preparing for life after COVID-19 - This is a good time to get a sense of how your employees are feeling about the changes and listening to what their needs are. 


  • Bobby Moore, People & Culture Specialist
  • Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer & Co-Founder at WorkTango
  • Liana Gavrilkina, Head of Talent Acquisition at Clearbanc
  • Dean Delpeache, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition at Fiix Software

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Ultimately, it is the people who work for a company that make up its culture so it is important to start by looking closely at their needs and being flexible enough to adapt. 

Build a culture of trust. The quickest way to undo a positive company culture is to send people home to work and suddenly question or track their every decision. It’s important that you hire people you can trust and the enforced remote working that we’ve experienced has been a great opportunity to demonstrate to your team that you do trust them and that you value their independent thinking.

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