eBook: Proven Recruitment Strategies to Boost your Hiring Power

Seven strategies to improve your hiring

We’re in a race for talent. To stay ahead of the pack as an employer — attracting, recruiting, hiring, engaging and retaining the talent you need — you must provide a high-quality recruitment journey and hiring experience.

To put it bluntly, the organisations that don’t take advantage of today’s tech tools and digital platforms are going to be behind the curve when it comes to hiring success.

We have teamed up with Talent Culture to produce this eBook which presents seven key strategies to amp up your recruitment and boost your hiring power.

This ebook will cover topics and themes including:

  • Recruitment Marketing - Given the scope, pace and talent shortage facing modern recruiters, they must be able to harness the speed, efficiency and accuracy of great technology and streamlined platforms to get in front of potential hires before they even become a contact. 
  • Best Practices to Win Candidates - How can you attract and win candidates? You will find three best practises to help keep you ahead of the competition.
  • The Power of Your Employer Brand - How do you define your organisation’s culture, values, story, mission, personality? Does it convey that you’re a great employer and a terrific place to work?  You want your employer brand to encourage people to connect with your company, whether they apply immediately or not.
  • Great Communications - Great communication that increases clarity also eases candidate anxiety. And of course, poor communication will have the opposite effect. 
  • Reducing Risk - There are so many risks to hiring, particularly if you’re depending on traditional methods. For instance, checking references by phone. Traditional reference checking, as it turns out, is fraught with risks.
  • Transforming the Candidate Experience - Successfully providing a positive candidate experience means that, throughout the recruiting process, an applicant feels like they are valued, listened to, attended to, tended to, and respected in terms of their time and energy.
  • Standout Strategies - Organisations that identify the gaps in their recruiting and hiring, and then work with outside experts to fill those gaps, transmit that commitment into the look and feel of those processes.

By making these changes, you can bring in the best talent for your business today, and pave the way for more successful hiring in the future.

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