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3 Reasons why Identity Verification Tech Enhances HR Tasks

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With the increase in remote recruitment, we need to be confident that a new hire is who they say they are. Completing a background check or Verification of Identity (VOI) is more than confirming the skills a candidate claims to have. It gives recruiters peace of mind about a candidate's work history, identity and more - ensuring they are the right person for the role at hand. 

Additionally, with hacking and scams on the rise, the way recruiters and HR professionals collect and store sensitive information is under increased scrutiny. 

Are you still requesting documents by email or photocopying information and storing paper copies? If so, there is a better way. 

Here are three reasons why using technology to conduct background checks and identity (ID) verification can improve your HR processes. 

Graphic with text that says Reason 1 - Confidence

1. Confidence: Following a Verification Process Helps to be Sure of Who You Hire

There’s no argument that employers are now recruiting using remote practises more than ever before. Either, they are choosing to hire employees who will work remotely (interstate or overseas), or are using methods like video calls to complete interviews. 

A recruiter needs to ensure a candidate is verified and can confirm they are who they say they are. Otherwise, there is a risk that the candidates may be dishonest about their identity and/or skills. Increased remote hiring means more opportunities for candidate fraud.

To gain confidence that your candidate is who they say they are, one option is to complete an identity check. However, how can you be sure the documents they provide are real and accurate? 

In addition to reference checks, Xref offers ID checks through our integrated all-in-one platform. With real-time results, you can check a candidate's ID or background on desktop or mobile. The cloud-based solution offers anti-fraud prevention for a digital world. 

Using technology to support your verification of identity can help you answer these questions:

  • Does their face match their ID?
  • Are their identity documents authentic?
  • Does it match official records?
3 icons illustrating the questions above - face matching ID, authentic documents and matching official records

Whilst being able to hire with confidence, using tech to support an ID check helps save time and money whilst verifying quickly. 

How it Works:

4 steps with icons: Step 1: Candidates receive a link, step 2: candidate photographs their face, Step 3: Photographs ID documents, Step 4: verification is reviewed

Xref’s ID checks allow your candidate to scan their documents in seconds and it verifies those documents with a Document Verification Service (DVS). Then, using facial recognition technology, the biometric verification allows you to confirm the candidate’s identity without a doubt. 

By not needing your candidate to send copies or show originals of personal information, you ensure your organisation is acting in a compliant manner. 

Graphic with text that says Reason 2 - Compliance

2. Compliance: Sensitive Data Needs to be Stored in a Compliant Manner

As a recruiter or HR professional, when requesting personal information, it is imperative that you are able to store this in a safe, secure and compliant manner. Storing documents in your email inbox can be dangerous. 

You don’t have to go far to find stories of companies who have experienced a data breach and had client and customer information accessed without permission. 

When storing or sharing personal information via email it can be placed at risk through ill intent such as hacking or through human error, such as sending information to the wrong email address. 

Take the human error and manual handling out of ID checking. When using the Xref platform to complete your background and ID checks, you have access to the same security as we offer for our reference checks. 

Xref uses multi-factor authentication, is ISO certified and GDPR compliant. We are trusted by many sectors including the Fintech and Property industries. Our background checks meet the standards of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF). 

3. Comfort

3. Comfort: Improve the Candidate Experience to Secure the Best Talent

Have you ever been asked to share personal documents such as; a birth certificate, Medicare card or healthcare card, Australian passport or foreign passport, for the purpose of verifying your identity or conducting checks? 

This would be for background checks including; a National Police Check, working rights, skills or academic proof, Working with Children Check, health information or more. If you shared some documents, you’re trusting that the person you share the information with will keep it safe. 

The same goes for your candidate. By using a secure tech platform to request and store their information, you are giving them the comfort that their private information is safe. This helps improve the candidate experience

It also saves time and increases your efficiency because having documents stored in one location means you don’t have to repeatedly ask a candidate for their documents while you go through the process of hiring and onboarding

There is nothing more frustrating for a candidate than having to scan and send copies of their passport or driver's licence multiple times when applying for and accepting a role.

Having the information on hand helps you increase your turnaround time to hire. 


Reducing time to hire is a key metric for HR professionals and talent acquisition specialists. You also want to hire the best talent for the role. In the current talent shortage market, the best talent is hired first and fast, so you need to make sure your processes are able to keep up. 

Using tech to complete identity verification checks helps your organisation save time and money whilst ensuring you are hiring the right person for the role. ID checks help you hire with confidence in a compliant manner. Meanwhile, your candidates are comforted that their information is handled in a safe and secure manner. 

If you are looking to complete more background checks, such as criminal background checks or more, Xref can help. Book a free demo today.

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