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5 Trending HR Topics for April 2021

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If you’re a talent leader looking to navigate your team through the latest stage of the pandemic, here you’ll discover more insights on building a hybrid workforce, hiring in a remote environment and geographical compensation policies. The articles that we’ve rounded up below come from expert advice and lessons learned by other leaders over recent months.  

Building a resilient hybrid working environment

#1 Workforce Strategies: Building a resilient hybrid working environment

The COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, business closures and fear of layoffs are developments that have impacted us at different levels of intensity, and organisations look to HR for their leadership in this crisis. Stuart Taylor, CEO and co-founder of resilience training organisation, Springfox, teaches leaders how to build resilient workforces. He firmly believes that this pandemic has created the opportunity to build trust, compassion and attract diverse talent. This blog on “Leadership strategies to build a resilient, hybrid workforce” can guide you on your journey to building an effective hybrid working style for your organisation. 

8 Ways Companies Are Making Their Remote Candidate Experience Stand Out

#2 Candidate Experience: 8 Ways Companies Are Making Their Remote Candidate Experience Stand Out

With many new hires starting work remotely, companies continue to focus on creative ways to deliver a great remote candidate experience. While some of these practices may have already been in place before social distancing, they now translate seamlessly to an online experience. Sending a care package ahead of the interview, video handshakes, and sharing helpful online resources may be great ways to create a good first impression of your organisation. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your own candidate experience stand out, here are eight examples of things companies are doing. 

Want to create an inspired workforce?

#3 Workforce productivity: Want to create an inspired workforce? 

According to TINYpulse, 21.5% of employees who don’t feel recognised have interviewed for a new role in the past three months. That’s scary to think, and we bet you don’t want to be continuously working on the same job roles while navigating through remote recruiting challenges.  Whether it’s reward and recognition for your team, creating a set of unique company traditions or encouraging learning and development throughout the year, this blog on “How to create an inspired workforce” can help motivate your employees to be at the top of their game.  

Keep the impostor syndrome at bay

#4 Mental health and wellbeing: Keep the impostor syndrome at bay

The feeling of not being good enough is more common than you can imagine. It’s called impostor syndrome, and research suggests that most people have it. Newly promoted or hired managers often feel vulnerable in a new environment and ill-equipped to fill their own shoes. Expert, Dr Valerie Young, says that anyone who leads, manages, trains or mentors other people needs to be aware of the syndrome. While this may sound like a self-help topic, this is a business imperative. The behaviours associated with impostor syndrome have consequences for the employee and the organisation. Discover more about this common syndrome and how you can help your workforce overcome it. 

Will remote work impact compensation?

#5 Compensation and benefits: Will remote work impact compensation? 

Twitter, Slack, Square and Shopify have all committed to allowing employees to work from home indefinitely since the start of the pandemic. A permanent work-from-home situation offers employees many benefits, such as the freedom to live and work from anywhere. While the future of work could be flexible in allowing a hybrid or fully remote work model to employees, compensation can be tricky. Some companies are considering compensation localisation but face many challenges. This blog explores the findings of an employee survey and leadership opinions on geographic pay policies

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