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5 Trending HR Topics for March 2021

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Successful organisations often reinvent themselves and their HR strategies to ensure their employees thrive in the most productive work environment. With the average person spending 90,000 hours (or a third of their lives) at work, the workplace can significantly impact employees. This is why modern workforces are putting such an emphasis on employee wellbeing, in order to nurture and retain great talent. Here we look at are some recent commentary from the HR industry on the trending topics of recruiting, leadership, wellbeing and strategic HR advice.

#1 Workplace strategy: 30 hours a week or 38 hours a week, what’s more productive?

A study that surveyed people on their work hours found a sweet spot that ensures maximum productivity and a tipping point beyond which it takes a nosedive. Employers can reimagine work hours with this information, including how non-traditional work hours and leave are spread out. HR and leaders need to create sustainable working practices that give equal weight to both employees’ mental health and productivity levels. While work hour strategies may vary by industry, this blog by Katie Neilson is the data-backed answer to how many hours we should work each week. 

#2 Workplace culture: Procrastination can be good for employees

Contrary to popular belief, procrastination is a good thing for employees. Culture change specialist Colin D. Ellis believes that scheduling time for procrastination is an effective way to boost a workplace's culture and productivity. He also suggests that while it can be tempting to reach for devices and technology, keeping active with short walks or getting a drink have proven to be more helpful. This blog on culture hacks highlights the root cause of procrastination and some useful advice on how to overcome it.

#3 Covid-led workplace: Are your workers exhausted from video calls?

While video conferencing tools have become a lifeline for business operations in the past year, employees are beginning to experience intense Zoom fatigue. Psychologists say that we underestimate the stress of video calls as most of us feel that it takes a lot more effort to meet up in person. We’re probably not aware that in video calls, when we’re looking at ourselves, we scrutinise and evaluate ourselves, which over time causes stress and negative emotions. This blog on Zoom fatigue delves further into the reason why the workforce is finding video meetings so tiresome. 

#4 Recruiting recruiters: The top 10 interview questions you should ask when hiring a recruiter

People are your greatest asset, and it makes perfect senses to hire a recruiter for your organisation who can help you build winning teams. So, how do you know if someone will make a top recruiter? Experts agree that one of the most significant characteristics to look out for is how they consistently build strong relationships with hiring managers. This indicates how actively the recruiter is involved as a partner in the hiring process, rather than merely taking orders. This blog on ‘The Top 10 Interview Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Recruiter’ can shed some light and guide you on the questions to ask when interviewing your next recruitment candidate. 

#5 Diversity and inclusion: Taking a stronger D&I stand

We celebrated International Women’s day this month and companies with a robust D&I strategy deserve a pat on the back. There is no doubt that decision-makers and owners of businesses of any size have the power to make a better world at work for women or those from different backgrounds. We cannot emphasise enough the benefits of a diversity-conscious workplace. Companies that focus on ethnic/cultural diversity on executive teams are 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability. If you haven’t seen success in your D&I plans, the blog ‘What will it take to achieve gender and racial equality in the workplace?’ can help you uncover what you’re missing. 

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