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5 Trending HR Topics for February 2021



During 2020, HR teams were able to step up and take the lead in transforming the workplace. In 2021, it’s time to continue that momentum and create a new world of work. We’ve gathered some of the highest trending HR topics to help you create a future-proof workforce.

#1 Talent Acquisition: What it Means to Recruit in 2021

In a research led by McKinsey, 92% of senior executives agree that the lockdown period has made digital transformation a priority. Organisations have already adapted well to remote working and hiring, which has opened up opportunities for a global network of candidates and widened the pool of talent available to employers. This may also be the year when recruiting teams turn to their ‘talent community’ – including alumni and internal talent – as a source of pre-vetted, quality hires. In this article, Recruitment Marketing Magazine shares the details of 6 key talent acquisition trends to look out for in 2021, to help HR leaders looking for TA guidance.

#2 Workplace Culture: Protect Your Organisation From Ex-employee Retaliation

Being made redundant is a hard pill to swallow. It’s not uncommon for former employees to turn on their employers when they feel let down. Sadly, the global pandemic has caused a number of companies to downsize. Regardless of the reasons for letting staff go, in some cases, companies will experience damage to their image but there are ways to avoid it. In this piece, HRM Online shares 5 ways to protect your organisation from a disgruntled former employee, including a real-life situation and practical advice on how you can steer clear of such crises.

#3 Diversity and Inclusion: Take the D&I Test

There is a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion with the pressure on companies to constantly evaluate and improve their efforts. SmartRecruiters offers a comprehensive Diversity Hiring Toolkit, which includes an assessment that will help you evaluate your current D&I hiring. The toolkit is designed to help businesses to develop a definitive, actionable plan that will make workplaces more welcoming and inclusive. A great initiative that’s helping to move the ongoing discussion around D&I in the right direction. 

#4 Recruitment: How to Successfully Recruit and Onboard Graduates

Understanding and supporting younger generations in the workforce often presents challenges for HR professionals and managers. But top-class graduates joining the world of work have a great deal to offer to their chosen employer and, arguably, very little to lose if it doesn’t work out since they are in such high demand. So,  it has never been more important to nail your recruitment and onboarding experience for entry-level roles. This blog on Recruiting and onboarding graduate candidates covers everything you need to know about how and where to find great graduate candidates, how to craft a job description that will excite them and what it takes to make the best first impression. 

#5 Remote Hiring: Women and Gen Z More Likely to Apply

LinkedIn Data Shows Women and Gen Z Are More Likely to Apply to Remote Jobs. Women are 26% more likely than men to apply for remote work, which may be because women shoulder a disproportionate amount of unpaid work, such as childcare and eldercare, at home. Data from LinkedIn reveals the groups most likely to be interested in a remote job and the different priorities remote applicants may have when it comes to considering a potential employer.

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