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Three Vital Technology Types that are Important for any Recruitment Process



Technology types to help you adjust to the new normal.

During 2020, we were introduced to new ways of working and living in general. Social distancing and isolation forced us to adapt and explore alternative approaches to how we interact with each other. This was certainly the case within the HR industry and a greater reliance on powerful technology became a robust solution.

Many tasks have been automated within the hiring process and the weight carried by  various technology solutions has increased. From the reference checking process to remote onboarding, we have discovered that there are efficient tools and approaches that can be used to achieve our goals in a more effective way.

In the spirit of learning to navigate the ‘new normal’ together, we’ve brought together this list of tech that has helped our users and industry friends with their recruitment process during these challenging times and will continue to demonstrate its effectiveness beyond COVID-19, by helping to enhance recruitment processes well into the future.

#1 ATS

For the best outcomes, you must first start with a strong foundation.

Having a suitable application tracking system (ATS) is that solid foundation for your hiring process. There are various ATS solutions available to enhance your processes. Here are a few of the ATS platforms that are integrated with Xref, to enable HR and recruitment professionals to conduct online reference checks as part of a seamless, recruitment workflow.

  • LinkedIn Talent Hub - Allows customers to source, manage and hire from one integrated platform. Xref is incorporated into the LinkedIn Talent Hub, making its automated reference checking solution available as part of the streamlined hiring workflow offered to users of the ATS.
  • JobAdder - Is a flexible recruitment platform with more than 10,000 users across 45 countries. With the Xref and JobAdder integration, you can conduct a full-range of recruitment activities in one place with the ability to request, track and review online reference checks from the JobAdder platform.

  • Lever - Provides a talent acquisition suite for more than 1,500 companies in 40 countries. Xref's integration with Lever allows you to request automated, employment reference checks directly from Lever. 
  • SmartRecruiters - SmartRecruiters is a San Francisco-headquartered company with offices around the globe. The company’s recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring capability is built on a modern cloud platform with an open marketplace for third party recruitment services. This marketplace is a ‘shopping site’ and enables customers to access Xref’s online reference checking tool and include it in their hiring process.

You can find the full list of our integrated partners here.

As there are numerous ATS systems available, it is important to know what it is you are looking for before investing in a platform to support your hiring. If you are unsure of what technology should be implemented, this checklist will help - check it out for seven questions you should ask before investing in HR tech.

Find the ATS that's right for you.

#2 Video Conferencing

With limitations introduced to all forms of face-to-face contact, the way we conduct many stages of the recruitment process has changed significantly. It goes without saying that the video conferencing software and technology has improved drastically over this time, along with its acceptance in the candidate hiring process. 

Meeting via Zoom or Microsoft Teams for interviews, for example, is something that has become a widely accepted process. To get the lowdown on the benefits of video interviewing and how to get it right, Xref's CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour, took some time out to catch up with Jane Bianchini, founder of on-demand video interviewing platform, Alcami Interactive, and asked for her thoughts - catch up on the interview here.

Video interviewing is a very strong efficiency play. It's also a great way to showcase your brand, culture and diversity. It offers a much more immersive experience for the candidate." Jane Bianchini, Alcami Interactive
Video interviewing is a strong way to showcase your brand.

#3 Task Management

Keeping on top of your tasks can often seem daunting. Having a practical task management system to help keep you focused and on track to reach your goals, even when you're working with a dispersed team, will ensure that nothing is forgotten so you meet deadlines and hit targets.

There are various options when it comes to task management. From products such as Wrike, Asana or you will find that you can manage and streamline your activities for better productivity. While they all offer great capabilities, you will need to weigh up the needs of your team before deciding on the best fit for your process.

There are various options for task management

Everyone is different, and the recruitment process looks different for every team. But, as long as you have the right systems in place, your processes will provide greater insights and data to help you continuously measure and improve productivity.  

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