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[WATCH WEBINAR] Top Tips for Getting Video Interviewing Right

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Learn from these tips to help you succeed in video interviewing

As online recruiting becomes the new norm, teams are embracing the tools that help them maintain and improve their processes at each stage of the hiring journey. 

One of the biggest changes the industry is adapting to is conducting all interviews remotely. But, with new ways of working comes an opportunity to embrace the benefits that tech-based solutions can offer. 

Xref CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour, took some time out to catch up with Jane Bianchini, founder of on-demand video interviewing platform, Alcami Interactive, and asked for her thoughts on the benefits of video interviewing and how to get it right. 

Watch the interview on-demand to discover Jane’s top tips for:  

  • Tailoring the process to suit candidates’ needs and create the best first impression
  • Getting your questions right to deliver the insights required to inform your hiring 
  • Embracing the employer branding opportunities of pre-recorded screening 
  • Offering a “digitally conversational” experience for candidates 
  • Being open-minded about the roles video interviewing can work for

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