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5 Trending HR Topics for February 2022

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Now we’ve settled into 2022, many businesses are weighing up their expectations versus reality when it comes to recruitment and retention. This month’s hot topics guide HR leaders like you to; implement an employee recognition program (to increase retention), gracefully offboard an employee, and ride the tsunami of interviews when you need to recruit.  

#1 Employee recognition: Now is the time for employee recognition

Trend 1: Employee recognition on branded backdrop

With ‘The Great Resignation’ on everyone’s lips, businesses are looking for ways to retain staff. Work, Points, Play outline how a good employee recognition program can not only help retain employees, but also build culture and contribute to the positive mental health of employees. While some or all of your workforce might be working remotely, an employee recognition program also serves as social recognition boosting motivation and reducing feelings of isolation. 

#2 Workplace planning: How to respond to staff shortages

Trend 2: How to respond to staff shortages on branded background

Many essential services are facing challenges with keeping their businesses staffed at appropriate levels given COVID positive and close contact isolation requirements. In this article, 5 HR professionals are interviewed about how they’re coping with staff shortages. Some tips include; utilising digital platforms and partnerships, train your people to take on specialist skills, hire for mindset and support staff who remain. 

#3 HR advice: How to ride the tsunami of interviews 

Trend 3: Riding the tsunami of interviews on branded background

With the need for talent heating up, the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. With this competition, comes not just a wave, but a tsunami of interviews. As a HR professional, how can you adapt to this challenge? Barb Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Predictive Hire, shares three tips on “Winning the War for Talent in 2022: Riding the waves of the ‘Interview Tsunami’”. 

#4 Global talent trends: The reinvention of company culture

Trend 4: Reinvention of company culture on branded background

Understanding what your current and future employees want from their workplace is key to recruiting the right people and retaining them. In this global report, flexibility and well-being are driving HR trends. Employees’ needs are changing and company culture is changing with it. 

#5 Offboarding: How to offboard employees gracefully

Trend 5: How to offboard employees on branded backdrop

Employees leave for many reasons and how your business offboards them can help both parties. Your past employees can be advocates for potential future employees, so it pays to offboard well. This blog shares the importance of offboarding and gives 5 tips to do it well. 

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