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5 Trending HR Topics for January 2022

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2022 has arrived (whether we’re ready or not). As we begin another year of business operations in a pandemic, it helps to focus on what brings success - our employees. As part of our monthly HR trending topics, we’ve rounded up some blogs on cultivating leadership empathy, important recruiting metrics, and tips on improving your employee relations to help you become a better HR leader. 

#1 HR leadership: Three types of leadership empathy

Graphic with text that says 1 HR leadership - Three types of leadership empathy

As staff operate in remote or hybrid work environments, managers and HR leaders must remain connected with their employees. Being empathetic has emerged as a highly valued leadership trait. To explain how empathetic leadership looks in the new world of work, Tara Van Bommel, from Catalyst, outlines three types of empathy (cognitive, affective and behavioural) that employers should be cultivating. Understanding employees can make them feel valued and unleashes greater creativity because they feel safe sharing unconventional and innovative ideas.


#2 HR advice: What to do when TA leaders are stretched thin

Graphic with text that says 2 HR advice - What to do when TA leaders are stretched

Businesses need recruiters to be at the top of their game now more than ever. So if you feel endless recruiting requests are stretching you, we’ve gathered some expert advice from a seasoned HR leader, John Vlastelica. Instead of prioritising every role, try deprioritising using a business lens. For instance, try asking, ‘what’s the impact on the business if X hires don’t come on board by June?’. Another critical suggestion is to have trusted partners (vendors/suppliers) who will come in and work; this will free up your time and help you deliver results.

#3 HR data: 10 recruiting metrics every HR leader should know

Graphic with text that says 3. HR data. 10 recruiting metrics every HR leader should know

Data-driven insights can move your decision from a gut feeling to a dependable choice. HR pros the world over are catching up with data-driven trends. This blog covers the top ten hiring metrics that every recruiter should focus on from the many HR metrics available. Try looking at the application complete rate to know how smooth your hiring process is. Finding the source of hire can be another crucial metric given the tight talent market. You can easily and quickly post your open roles on these platforms if you know about the sources where most job seekers drop their resumes and applications.

#4 Workplace management: Classroom tips to manage employees better

Graphic with text that says 4. Classroom tips to manage employees better

While you can’t be best friends with everyone, you can certainly create a positive impression about yourself as an HR professional. In a virtual world, it’s easy to miss connecting with people, so it’s essential to take the time to notice all your employees. People tend to get excluded in group chats and calls; you can ask them to share their opinion. Don’t forget that a bit of kindness can go a long way! This incredible piece has practical tips to improve your management relationship with your employees. 

#5 Learning and development: Why micro-learning is the top trend

Graphic with text that says 5. Learning and development - Why micro-learning is the top trend

In the current candidate-driven market, employers face the challenge of retaining employees. Kay Green, the founder of learning software company EDesign Consulting, suggests effective learning programs for employees that would help them upskill and remain engaged in their roles.  Employees focusing harder for shorter periods creates a learning process that is less monotonous than traditional training and is a recipe for success. Read about the effectiveness of micro-learning on employee engagement programs.

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