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5 Trending HR Topics for December 2021

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The pandemic has reset our workplaces, putting some long-terms changes in motion and setting new HR trends.  As we embrace new changes, it’s worth looking at some practices the HR circle is talking about.

#1 Talent retention: HR priorities for 2022

Image for HR rentention

2021 was a bumpy ride, but it transformed the HR space in many ways. The hybrid work model continues to transform the workspace. With the Great Resignation trend, or as some would call it, The Great Reshuffle, there will be a forced focus on developing skills within the organisation. The remote nature of teams also throws up new challenges for employee well-being and the need to be connected in real-time. This blog explores top HR priorities to consider as you plan for a steadier 2022.

#2 Talent attraction: 8 tips for writing enticing job descriptions 

Image for talent attraction

Boring, recycled job descriptions will not get you great candidates. A compelling introduction carries more weight than the rest of the job description. Did you know that a candidate decides in the first 14 seconds if they want to keep reading? So, if you wish to attract candidates, grab their attention by talking to them first before talking about your company. We’ve picked a great blog with eight great tips on how you can lure candidates to your job roles. 

#3 HR strategies: How thinking like a marketer can land you great talent

Graphic with text that says 3. HR Strategies - How thinking like a marketer can land you great talent

HR and marketing have a lot more in common than you think. For example, employee value proposition (EVP) and employer branding are concepts that have been borrowed from well-known marketing practices. They help showcase the unique and distinctive set of benefits, perks, values and vibes that your company can offer. The most coveted organisations in the world work on promoting their organisations to attract top talent. Here are some marketing tips and tricks to make your workplace famous

#4 Learning and Development: 11 tips for first-time hiring managers

Image for learning and development

Conducting your first interview can be as nerve-wracking for you as it is for the candidate. Recruitment experts say that well-prepared managers practice their tone, speech, smile, posture, body language and mannerisms before an interview. After all, every recruiter represents their company and should present themselves professionally and adequately. A good tip is to ask the right questions and take notes, showing genuine interest in the candidate. Here is some helpful information on how you can prep for your first few interviews.

#5 Mental health and wellbeing: Managing bipolar at work

Image for mental health and wellbeing

Supporting your staff’s complex mental health experiences shows how much you care for them as a company. Mental health conditions such as bipolar disorders are characterised by elevated moods and periods of depression. Experts advise that the managers shouldn’t doubt the performance of such staff; they make excellent employees who perform well for the vast bulk of the time. It’s crucial to understand that people with bipolar disorder bring as much value to the workplace as the next person. Here’s a guide on how you can support staff with bipolar issues

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