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5 Trending HR Topics for July 2021

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We’ve gathered some top HR tips and advice from across the industry to help you stay ahead of the HR curve and keep your business highly competitive in an evolving market. If your company isn’t already talking about these trending topics, now is a good time to start.

Text on candidate ghosting

#1 Recruiting strategies: Are you ‘ghosting’ your candidates?

Data from multiple sources indicates that recruiter ghosting is becoming increasingly common (i.e. after deciding an applicant isn’t the right fit, the recruiter ceases communication with them). In these cases, the recruiter neglects to share any feedback, constructive criticism or the reasons behind their decision — leaving the job seeker confused and defeated. Ghosting can damage employer reputation since it can affect how applicants and their broader network perceive an employer brand. To find out more about how it could harm your business and what you can do to avoid it, read this blog from Monster

Text on pay scale

#2 Compensation: How to set the pay scale for skill-based workers

With skills-based hiring on the rise, employers are increasingly grappling with the issue of compensation. In the past, companies determined pay based on a candidate’s education, experience and role; now, the hiring is tilted towards skills and potential. LinkedIn alone has seen a 21% increase in U.S. job postings that advertise for skills and responsibilities rather than qualifications and requirements. Here are six things to contemplate if your company plans to join the skill-hiring bandwagon. 

Text on employee burnout

#3 Workplace wellness: How to prevent employee burnout

The prolonged pandemic has pushed employee wellbeing up the HR agenda, and rightly so. Working from home has blurred the home and office space and a lack of in-person interaction is causing many employees to experience isolation, anxiety, stress and burnout. The question now for many organisational leaders is what they can do to support the health and wellbeing of their people. This blog outlines some great tips for addressing the needs of employees on the verge of burnout

Graphic with text that says 4. Workplace management - Tips to up skill your workforces

#4 Workplace management: Tips to upskill your workforces

The “double-disruption” of the pandemic and dramatic tech advancements have created the need for teams to upskill and adapt. The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. Most people are trying to answer what the most in-demand skills for the future would look like. Could it be creativity, problem-solving or negotiation? With innovation moving so quickly, business owners must take the lead in keeping both their team’s and their own skills up-to-date. Here’s a blog from Employment Hero on how to upskill your workforce for the next decade.

Graphic with text that says 5. Talent acquisition - 5 tips for finding long-lasting hires

#5 Talent acquisition: 5 tips for finding long-lasting hires

The job market is as hot as ever, and every recruiter is trying to attract and secure the best talent. But including a laundry list of skills in a job description is no longer going to cut it. In order to keep a candidate's attention, what you need is just seven requirements in your job description (hard to believe, isn’t it). Another unconventional tip is to ditch the personality and cognitive tests as they don’t capture the complexity and potential of a candidate. Experts suggest that hiring for attitude and aptitude is far more impactful than simply hiring to tick skills on a checklist. Here is some great advice and top tips that can help you improve your hiring process. 

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