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5 Trending HR Topics for June 2021

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As the economy begins to reopen, companies are making every effort to retain staff and lure new talent into their open roles. Now’s the time for HR teams to rethink their talent attraction and retention strategies in order to compete with lucrative offers from the competition. To help, we’ve gathered together some top insights on how to find, hire and maintain a high-performing workforce. 

Blog header on Workforce Retention Strategies

#1 Workforce Retention Strategies: Here’s Why You Need to Focus on Your Current Staff

While some organisations will continue their WFH status, many others have plans to return some or all of their currently remote employees to the workplace. Forward-thinking companies are using the move back to the office as an opportunity to rebrand their organisation as a great place to work. But many leading brands across the globe have also seen the benefits of working from home not just for their staff but also their company P&L. This blog post from Forbes explores what the future of work looks like for staff at leading brands, such as Spotify, Google, General Motors. 

Blog header on Reboarding

#2 Reboarding: Why Reboarding is Essential and How to do it Well

Experts say reboarding should happen for any employee who has been away from the workplace for more than 12 weeks. The reason is simple, technologies, team dynamics, company objectives and priorities change from time to time. While current staff may not realise the changes, returning employees may underestimate the amount of information they need to catch up on. If done correctly, reboarding an employee can lead to increased productivity in a shorter time frame and prevents the employee from feeling they’ve been thrown into the deep end. This guide from HRM has five actionable tips to make your reboarding strategy a success. 

Blog header on Recruitment Advice

#3 Recruitment Advice: Clever Questions to Help You Break the Tie Between Candidates

If you often find yourself in a tiebreaker situation with top-tier candidates, this may be an insightful blog for you. While some recruiting experts suggest that looking at your candidates from multiple angles and testing their abilities practically can be the tiebreaker you need to help you make the final decision. Nevertheless, if you’ve exhausted all your options (ability tests included), setting a final interview and asking these 10 strategic interview questions to your shortlisted candidates could be your best bet for a great hire. 

Blog header on Workforce Retention

#4 Workforce Retention: How to Prevent Your Employees From Window-shopping for Jobs

Did you know that stressed employees browse new jobs, but unsupported employees actually apply? Data from LinkedIn suggests that several factors come into play when employees start looking for jobs, these factors include high levels of stress, the inability to disconnect due to heavy workloads and lack of care and support from direct managers. Something to note is that managers are not villains as they themselves are burned out due to heavy workloads but a manager who doesn’t show care may be a contributing factor for an employee to switch jobs. So if you don’t want your employees to go window-shopping for jobs, this insightful blog from LinkedIn can shed some light on what you can do to prevent it.

Blog header on HR Strategy

#5 HR Strategy: What’s Your Hedgehog? 

The Hedgehog concept is about understanding what you can be best at and being focused on that rather than taking a scattergun approach and trying to be all things to all people. Companies are far more likely to succeed if they can identify the one big thing they do best. So how can a business incorporate its big goals and the hedgehog concept into its strategic planning? Read this blog from HR Staff n Stuff to learn more.

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