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5 Trending HR Topics for May 2021

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Top 5 HR trends May

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Being a successful HR professional today comes with a growing list of responsibilities and the need to remain educated on best practices and trends. Here we do a little bit of the heavy lifting for you, with our top five trends for May, as identified by the global HR sector. 

Should you rehire your former employees?

#1 Talent acquisition: Should you rehire your former employees? 

In 2020, 9.4 million jobs were lost and millions of other workers left the workforce for caregiving and health reasons. With businesses coming back on track, hiring teams are expected to rebuild their teams with two choices; hire back old employees or recruit new ones. So, now might be the ideal time for companies to put more thought and effort into alumni outreach to build their talent pipelines. If rehiring former employees is a part of your recruitment strategy, this blog explores the pros and cons of boomerang hiring and tips for making it a success. 

Careers in demand in 2021

#2 Hiring Outlook: Careers in demand in 2021

The job market has been through a big upheaval in 2020, and the impact of COVID-19 can be felt across industries and job roles. As the effects of the pandemic continue to shape the job landscape, this blog on ‘Top 10 careers in demand in 2021’ sheds light on the most in-demand careers. With surmounting pressure on the healthcare system, it comes as no surprise that nursing roles top the list. The write-up also shares advice from experts on upskilling and growing your network for a better job reach. So, whether you’re looking to get hired or increase your team count, it pays to be informed on the most in-demand skills for the year ahead.

Don’t hang on to these workplace practices

# 3 Engagement and culture: Don’t hang on to these workplace practices

We all have a least favourite workplace practice; for some, it’s uncomfortable shoes, while others may dislike back-to-back meetings that eat into their workday. Here’s a fun fact,  according to TED, executives spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings, and 7.8 of those hours are unnecessary and poorly run (Yikes!) Work can be interesting, stimulating and even fun, but outdated, ridiculous practices can hamper employee productivity. Take a look at some of these least favourite practices and why they should be made redundant. 

Addressing the ‘sickie culture’

#4 Absenteeism: Addressing the ‘sickie culture’

If you’re finding certain employees constantly calling in ‘sick’, they are likely to not perform at their best. Not to mention the rest of the team may experience high levels of stress from having extra work to do. There may be countless reasons why an employee decides to take a day off, and the reasons could be legit. However, experts suggest that chronic absenteeism could indicate employee disengagement, poor management or simply a culture of leave entitlement. This blog reveals the impact of chronic absenteeism and how you can deal with it.

What to choose - remote working vs office working

#5 Remote working: What to choose - remote working vs office working

Spotify, Facebook and Salesforce took the lead to announce various forms of “work from anywhere” programs for their employees, letting their workforces decide whether they want to work from home, come to the office, or use a hybrid work-from-home approach. With vaccines finally rolling out, organisations can now entertain the possibility of returning to the office. The million-dollar question is, should you? While work-from-home is a convenient option, most researches reveal that it isn’t great for employee mental health.  If you’re trying to figure out the right option or a balance between remote and in-office working, here are some considerations to take into account and make either approach successful in a post-COVID world. 

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