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Our Commitment During COVID-19

Lee-Martin Seymour


Our Commitment During COVID-19

Given the challenges we’re all facing, we wanted to take some time to provide a message of assurance about the service levels you can continue to expect from the Xref platform and team, as well as the measures we are taking to ensure we do our part to minimise the spread of the virus. 

We, like all of the businesses and communities we work with, are paying close attention to the development of government policies and directives in each of the regions we operate in, to ensure we’re fully informed about the best steps to take. 

Continued support for our customers 

Our message of assurance to our valued customers globally is that, while we all navigate through changes to the way we work, Xref will continue to provide the support you need to make informed hiring decisions with speed and confidence. 

Our entirely cloud-based platform ensures there will be no disruption to our service. We will operate at full capacity and scale to your requirements, by: 

  • Offering our usual round-the-clock customer support 
  • Continually monitoring for potentially unusual activity 
  • Quickly adding tailored questionnaires to your account 
  • Assisting in topping up your account as needed 
  • Providing help for your candidates and their references 

All of this will happen with the security assured by our ISO 27001 certified platform and processes. 

Support for our people and communities 

Our priority, as we endeavour to maintain some sense of “business as usual”, is to ensure that we take the right steps to protect our staff, clients, partners and community. 

We have introduced measures across our offices globally to ensure our team is kept up to speed with the latest advice as it is shared by local government and health authorities. This includes the introduction of a dedicated COVID-19 guidance channel for internal comms; providing our staff with the equipment and support they need to be able to work from home; as well as reducing in-person meetings and restricting non-critical travel. 

Event cancellations 

We have also taken the decision to cancel all planned Xref-hosted, in-person events and are exploring alternative arrangements for them. In addition, while the majority of conferences and networking meetups we had planned to attend in the coming months have already been cancelled, we are keeping a close eye on any communication from the event organisers and restricting staff attendance where necessary. 

In the case of our planned Xref Discovery Session in Melbourne on Friday 20th March, we have instead decided to take the panel discussion online and host it as a live webinar. If you are keen to keep learning during these turbulent times and interested in hearing from our fantastic lineup of speakers about the recruitment trends to be across in 2020, sign up for free today.

Keeping you moving forward

While the unprecedented uncertainty imposed by the pandemic can make it very difficult to adopt a normal approach to our working lives, we recognise that, for the most part, we are all still facing the same business challenges we were faced with before the virus took hold. 

From a hiring perspective, you may still be trying to fill the same volume and type of roles you were faced with a few weeks ago, or you may now have had to adapt your approach to focus on other departments or clients that now urgently require more attention. 

Our promise to you is that we will be here to adapt and scale with you as those needs change. 

If you have any questions about the platform or support we are providing during this time and beyond, please feel free to visit our support page on the Xref website or reach out to our dedicated, in-house customer success teams globally via

In the coming weeks, you may find that we are now speaking to you from the comfort and safety of our own homes, but you will see no impact on the service levels you have come to expect from us. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of Xref and please keep safe. 

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