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Xref Team Insights With Charlie Manyweathers

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Xref usage trends during and after COVID-19

Discover some key client insights 

In this Xref Team Insights video we explore the client usage trends seen by our Account Director, Charlie Manyweathers, during COVID and as some markets begin to open back up. 

As the head of our account management team, Charlie has an unrivalled view of the most common challenges, questions and benefits our clients have experienced as they have navigated the turbulent COVID-19 period. 

During the interview, Charlie shares some interesting insights relating to the following questions: 

  • What’s the biggest challenge our customers faced during COVID-19?  
  • Were there any account metrics you saw improvements in during COVID-19? 
  • Is there anything that’s now more important to customers than it was before COVID-19? 
  • What is a common question that your customers ask you about Xref?
  • What is one of the most important metrics customers are interested in? 
  • What’s one thing our customers might not know they can do with Xref? 

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