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[WATCH VIDEO] Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees

Tips on providing the best onboarding experience for remote employees

In this video interview, Xref CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour has the opportunity to catch up with Tegan Oakley, Head of Customer Success at Enboarder, to pick her brains and ask some of the important questions on best practices for onboarding new hires remotely. With more and more workplaces implementing a virtual option for work, it has led to a reflection on what the onboarding process is for a new team member.

Watch the interview on-demand to discover the answers and hear Tegan’s thoughts on:

  • How remote onboarding can offer a better experience for the candidate
  • Ways to foster a cohesive company culture when working apart
  • Boosting the engagement and productivity of new hires
  • The tools and equipment that are essential for onboarding success
  • Some companies that are nailing the remote onboarding experience including and example of great onboarding with Conor and his welcome to the Enboarder team
  • How businesses can adapt to ‘virtual onboarding overnight, and more

You can head on over to our blogs for a summarised overview of this interview in 6 Best Practice Tips for Onboarding Remotely.

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