Recruiting Remotely: The Immediate Challenges & Future Opportunities

Overcoming challenges and finding opportunity with remote recruitment

The way we hire has changed overnight. 

Traditional hiring methods now hold little value and recruitment teams have been presented with the challenge of doing a very human role from an entirely digital standpoint. 

Without being able to eye-ball candidates, trust and robust systems have never been more important and that fine-tuned human instinct that recruitment and HR professionals have developed over the decades has to be adapted to work within a virtual environment. 

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  • Navigate the challenges and opportunities of remote hiring - By embracing the changes we are essentially being “forced” to adopt, there are also several opportunities for HR and recruitment teams to build better systems, adopt different approaches and learn new skills for the future. 
  • Continue to offer a positive candidate experience - Candidates are nervous about the market and the security of any opportunities they apply for. And, as you’re trying to get up to speed with new processes, so are they. Ensure you are empathetic, always have their experience at the front of your mind and do whatever you can to engage on an emotional level as much as possible. Video screening enables employers a much more immersive experience for candidates, by enabling them to include branding, images and videos that offer candidates more of a sense of the culture of the business.
  • Make great use of recruitment technology and tools - Tech platforms will go from being an added benefit to your recruitment process to a necessity to keep you moving. And they don’t have to be hard to implement — there are a number of tools that can be introduced with ease and speed to provide immediate support to you and your team. 
  • Understand each stage of the remote hiring process - From attracting great candidates to onboarding, it is vital to make sure that there is a robust remote hiring process to make sure that everything is clear and stream-lined. Without the milestone of meeting new colleagues and setting foot in the office, starting a new role could seem like a bit of an anti-climax and just a little bit daunting!

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