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The Ultimate HR and Recruitment Webinar Compilation


We’re In This Together

During 2020, despite a global pandemic, we had the good fortune of being able to collaborate with many great minds and industry leaders from the HR and recruitment community. This compilation of the great discussions we had during, and prior to, that turbulent year, allows us to share a wealth of knowledge with you in one place.

Rethinking Candidate Experience in the New Normal 

With recruitment processes going online, coffee conversations and in-person meetings are no longer an option. You still need to create a positive candidate experience even if it's virtually and be at the top of your game to attract top talent. If you’re looking for newer ways of providing a better candidate experience, watch this webinar!


- How the candidate experience can impact your business

- Best practised for hiring and onboarding
- Resolving communication gaps
- How to build feedback into the hiring process

Watch the full webinar here

The New Normal, in conversation with WSP

As the prospect of returning to work approaches, other big challenges emerge. The global outbreak will have long-lasting and game changing ramifications. Organisations are moving from short term solutions to planning long term for future disruptions. Post covid workplace rules, keeping useful technology, tossing out the fad, adopting a healthy workplace culture are bigger than ever challenges for talent teams.


- Post covid workplace: Return to work

- Technology adoption & lessons learned from COVID-19
- Diversity and inclusion strategies for building equality in the workforce

Watch the full webinar here

How to tackle Recruitment Challenges during COVID-19

We gathered feedback and collected burning questions about challenges and concerns on remote recruitment. We received over 180 questions in total and our industry expert panel answered the most requested ones. 


- The best approach to rejecting candidates when you have too many applications

- Advice on hiring "overqualified" candidates
- ‍The candidate’s experience of video interviews
- ‍Technology that can be used to support hiring during remote recruitment

Watch the full webinar here


How to Maintain Company Culture WFH

Even before remote working became commonplace, companies were beginning to struggle to find proactive ways to maintain company culture. With the changing workforce leading to an increasingly diverse mix of roles, places of work and employment agreements, coordinating teams to feel unified and aligned in their values was becoming difficult.

During this webinar, a panel of HR and talent acquisition professionals share their experience and advice for maintaining company culture with remote teams.


- The importance of culture for remote teams

- How to foster a cohesive company culture when working apart
- How to manage the hidden risks for culture in remote work
- Ways to bring your company values to life externally 

Watch the full webinar here

Best Use of Recruitment Tech Trends in 2020

This year has brought a lot of uncertainty across the globe, but despite the challenges we’re currently facing, modern technology has allowed many companies to continue working and many employers to keep on hiring. 

If anything, these challenges have sped up the timeline for the biggest recruitment tech trends of the year and presented a unique opportunity for businesses to experiment with and implement new processes to help keep their teams connected.


- The impact AI is having on recruitment and what the future holds for it

- Data governance: Steps companies can take to become security-savvy
- Why soft skills taking precedence and how technology can help us identify them
- How we can use data to gain meaningful insights across the entire talent lifecycle

Watch the full webinar here

How to Create a Recruitment Experience That Will ‘Wow’ Candidates

With the competition for talent continuing to grow as recruitment conditions become increasingly difficult, it’s never been more important to understand what matters to candidates and how you can incorporate that into your hiring process to create the best first impression. 


- The importance of the candidate experience

- The benefits of offering unsuccessful candidates a great experience

- The best ways to measure candidate experience
- How technology can help improve the experience provided

Watch the full webinar here

How to Hire Faster

Looking to shake up your recruitment process? Speakers Josh Conlay from Xref, Paul Molony from JobAdder and Louise Joyce, Talent Experience Manager at Xero, share their thoughts and real-world experiences on some of the best hiring hacks that they have come across in their own careers.


- Overcoming the hurdles for recruitment success

- The market factors that are impacting recruitment efficiency
- Tips and tricks to implement right now to improve hiring
- Do you need to invest in tech?

Watch the full webinar here 

The Art of Asking Great Reference Questions

It is vital that the right questions are asked during the reference checking process to ensure both time and money are not wasted on a failed hire. It is also an important step in identifying any potential weakness or training needs during their employment.


- The four key skills of high potential candidates

- The five essential components of a great question
- How to get the right mix of questions when conducting reference checks; Personal, Essential and Role-specific

Watch the full webinar here

Maintaining a Positive Employer Brand

We teamed up with onboarding experts, Enboarder, and Michael Hill’s Group Recruitment Manager, Lee Robinson, to share our take on managing the recruitment journey and maintaining a strong employer brand throughout. Watch this webinar to discover all about maintaining a positive employer brand.


- Engagement and employer branding

- Using tech to prevent a disconnect
- The unique challenges of retail hiring
- Using tech for bulk hiring ease

Watch the full webinar here 

HR Tech: Secrets to Success

With the high-speed and added accessibility of cloud-based software, HR Tech has provided great opportunities for growth within the HR industry. It can empower decision making, enhance candidate experience, streamline workflows and most of all, relieve our teams of the tedious and inefficient tasks.

During this 30-minute webinar, Lewis offers guidance in how to identify the best HR Tech platforms and make a strong business case for investment. 


- The 7 steps to identifying a good HR tech platform

- How to prepare your organisation for digital disruption
- Ensuring successful HR tech adoption amongst staff
- The key indicators of a successful rollout

Watch the full webinar here

How to Create the Ultimate Candidate Experience

Strengthen your employer brand and grow your talent pipeline with a standout candidate experience. In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn some simple ways to improve and optimise your recruitment process and the importance of your online employer brand.

- How to effectively communicate at key touch-points during the candidate journey
- Ways to streamline your hiring process with recruitment automation tools
- Tips to enhance your employer brand by managing online reviews
- How to measure the return on investment (ROI) in a positive candidate experience

Watch the full webinar here

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