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Maintaining a Positive Employer Brand

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Discover how to maintain a strong employer brand

It’s no secret that organisations can no longer compete on salary and financial perks - various studies have demonstrated the preference of today’s jobseeker for an inclusive working environment, with a positive culture and a presence in the community...rather than one that just offers free fruit, a discounted gym membership and various incentives (although including these often also helps!)

From the moment a candidate becomes aware of your company, through to celebrating their milestones as a member of the team, they’re on a journey that centres around your employer brand.

We teamed up with onboarding experts, Enboarder, and Michael Hill’s Group Recruitment Manager, Lee Robinson, to share our take on managing the recruitment journey and maintaining a strong employer brand throughout.

Watch the webinar as they cover the following:

  • Engagement and employer branding
  • Using tech to prevent a disconnect
  • The unique challenges of retail hiring
  • Q&A with Lee Robinson
  • Using tech for bulk hiring ease
  • Engaging short-term hires
  • How Xref and Enboarder can help

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