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The Best HR Software for Businesses

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The Best HR Software for Businesses

In recent years we have seen a plethora of recruitment technologies come to market and although their implementation has been varied, a promise of improved recruitment efficiencies has echoed across them all.

While Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become commonplace in providing the backbone of the recruitment life cycle, there are now also a magnitude of additional microservices; many of which seamlessly integrate with ATS platforms to put the finishing touches on a well-rounded recruitment system.

However, whether you’re new to tech-based solution or a seasoned evangelist it can be daunting to change your processes and put your faith in something new - key to success is understanding what you’re looking for and how it might help.

With the typical recruitment life cycle in mind, we have cherry picked the best hr software for businesses that support each piece of the puzzle.

Screening - Mya

Arguably one of the most time-intensive cogs of a traditional recruitment process is screening applicants. Mya is a cool piece of tech that uses chatbots to qualify candidates before interviews are offered. Programmed to be role-specific, Mya directs the conversation to determine if a candidate meets a specified criteria such as experience and offers the ability to schedule an interview. Mya saves 75% of recruitment teams’ time by automating sourcing, screening and scheduling - if this is a pain point for you, Mya is definitely worth a look.

Another disruptive piece of tech in the screening space is LiveHire, which pools active and passive candidates in the one talent community. The tool leverages AI to determine a candidate’s suitability for a role based on attributes, and puts forward the best talent. LiveHire curates all talent in the one place, saving recruitment teams significant time and resources. With the added bonus that candidates own their profiles and update them regularly, LiveHire ensure that the quality of the candidates suggested is high and consistent.

Application - Weirdly

Weirdly is an automated application assessment service that gauges the social fit of a candidate to determine if they meet role criteria. Candidate applications are scanned by an algorithm, using a short quiz to gauge suitability based on personality traits, such as whether there are introverted/extroverted, emotional/rational or work better in factual rather than instinctual environments. Effective in popular, highly-sought roles, Weirdly ranks suitability so you only review the applications that best suit your criteria. Saving you even more time and reducing churn.

A little closer to home and operating across all industry types and sizes is Expr3ss! - software that simplifies staff selection. An ATS that leverages a robust combination of algorithms to determine a candidates suitability in skill, attitude and cultural fit. An extremely flexible and dynamic piece of tech, Expr3ss! can be fully functional within 24 to 48 hours, check it out!!

Interview - Sonru

In much the same way that applying for a job in person with a printed CV has become a thing of the past, interviews are increasingly being taken out of the office and held online via webcams. Sonru is a global leader in video screening and cuts early stage screening time by up to 80% while also reducing the end to end recruitment costs by half. Sonru works on the same premise as traditional interviews with the candidate being asked pre determined questions however they are delivered and recorded via a secure online app through a webcam. A great bit of tech for filtering first round interviews or when hiring across dispersed geographic locations.

Offer - Checkr

Pre-employment checks have long been one of the biggest hiring pain points, traditionally slow, clunky and riddled with privacy breaches and open to fraud. Checkr is a globally recognised vendor offering a full scope of background checks including, but not limited to, Social Security Number, Criminal, Driver and Credit checks all available to be tailored to industry-specific requirements. With the fastest turnaround times in the industry and with fewer than .01% of reports disputed, you can be confident you are making the most informed hiring decision.

Onboarding - Enboarder

The emphasis placed on onboarding has increased almost overnight and it is now considered a vital cog in the overall recruitment function. We have all seen the ‘first-day’ starter photos on social media and how that creates an instant sense of belonging to a new employee.

However maintaining a personal touch is never more important than during the onboarding periods and Enboarder is a handy bit of tech that simplifies the process for you. From prompts to congratulate the candidate when they accept offers, ordering of new swag for them to arrive to, and scheduling a first-day lunch, Enboarder makes it easy to a new employee off on the right foot and get organised for their introduction.

What's next?

Irrespective of your stage in the adoption of disruptive technology there can be no denying the valuable role it plays in modern-day recruiting. However, one of the biggest challenges we often face is obtaining sign off for the introduction of these new solutions, from business leaders.

If you like the look of any of the above vendors or have others in mind, why not check out our Building a Business Case for HR Tech guide to get you started on turning your wish list into a reality.

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