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5 Trending HR Topics for March 2022

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International Women’s Day and companies returning to the office post-pandemic, is fueling the conversation for a range of interesting Human Resources (HR) and talent acquisition issues. This month’s hot topics focus on the strategy, planning and implementation of HR themes such as workplace diversity, remote teams and employee experience.  

Trend 1: Inclusion and leadership: International Women's Day

#1 Inclusion and Leadership: International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day early in March, topics such as diversity, inclusion and flexibility in the workplace are hot topics this month. In this blog, the Australian HR Institute offer critical steps to advance gender equality in the workplace. The piece shares the experience of three women who have broken barriers in their career and some advice for others looking to make change. 

Trend 2: Workplace Planning - what are acqui-hires?

#2 Workplace Planning: What are acqui-hires?

Acqui-hires are the hires you make as a result of taking on staff from a company merger. HR leaders use this as a strategy to fill talent shortages. 

The HR Exchange Network explains that this type of acquisition is often seen in the IT industry, with companies like Apple, Google and Facebook openly speaking about their mergers for the purpose of gaining staff with particular skills and talents. 

However, this type of acquisition is often watched closely because it can raise questions around taking advantage of staff skills to eliminate competition and create monopolies. 

Trend 3: HR Strategy - the Rise of Human Experience Management

#3 HR Strategy: The Rise of Human Experience Management (HXM) 

As many employees return to the office and companies consider a hybrid model, IT Brief Australia have identified the rise of HR technologies and Human Experience Management (HXM). HXM is a new HR style that expands the focus from organisational processes (like hiring and payroll) to include employee experience and employee engagement. With workforces becoming increasingly remote, working from home or elsewhere, employee experience is becoming challenging for businesses to excel in. 

Trend 4: The Future of Work: The Everywhere Workplace

#4 The Future of Work: The Everywhere Workplace

The ‘new normal’ and ‘hybrid workplace’ are the buzzwords on everyone’s lips. As a result of the pandemic, workplaces have had to undertake a true digital transformation and accept that working from home, for some, would be permanent. 

Forbes delves into a recent survey that found 87% of survey respondents do not want to work from the office full-time. 71% of those stated that they would choose to work from anywhere over a job promotion or compensation increase. Reasons included ​​saving money (40%), less time commuting (48%), a more flexible schedule (43%), and better work-life balance (43%). The way we work has truly changed. Flexibility and self-care are now top of many workers’ agendas. 

Trend 5: HR Tech transforming global HR practises

#5 HR Tech: Transforming Global HR Practises

With the recent trend of hiring remote workforces, HR professionals now need to consider how to deliver workplace culture and benefits globally. This blog explores how tech is transforming global HR practises in the ‘next normal’. From analytics and automation to recruit faster, to protecting sensitive information through cybersecurity and upskilling staff with digital learning, training, and development. 

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