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Introducing Xref Engage: Unlock the power of your talent

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Xref is excited to announce the launch of its new solution: Xref Engage!

Over the past 12 years, Xref has worked hard to establish our position as a market leader in reference checking. Now, we are expanding our suite of products to offer a solution for the entire talent journey. 

Since last year, we have launched Exit Surveys and Pulse Surveys. Xref Engage is another piece of the puzzle that helps organisations understand and manage their talent better.

What is Xref Engage?

Xref Engage is a suite of surveys designed to assess your organisation's performance in areas like diversity, leadership, career growth, and more. With actionable insights, you can improve engagement, boost retention and maximise productivity.

Xref CEO and Founder, Lee-Martin Seymour said,

“Xref will now offer a complete hire-to-retire engagement service for employers that is more comprehensive than other well-known brands, and the only one covering 195 countries.”

Led by experts driving real organisational change

At the heart of Xref Engage is a group of seasoned professionals from Voice Project. Xref acquired Voice Project in 2022 and now the team are an integral part of the rapidly growing Xref Group. 

Voice Project, now known as Xref Engage, brings with it customers including HammondCare, Hungry Jacks, plus 236 community service organisations and 70 universities and research institutes. 

A message for Voice Project customers

A key question on everyone’s mind - will there be changes for existing Voice Project customers? The answer is no.

When sharing the news of the acquisition, Voice Project’s Founder Dr Peter Langford emailed a letter to customers.

I want to share with you the latest exciting development for Voice Project.

To reflect our expanding capability, we will now be known as Xref Engage!

Our new name is the result of our recent acquisition by global HR tech company, Xref.

At the time of the acquisition, Xref’s CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour, said this is a “great example of two profitable and credible Australian technology businesses uniting to be more competitive in the global market.”

Nothing will change for you as a valued Voice Project customer. You’ll continue to receive the same awesome service, from the same awesome people. Over time you will benefit from stronger tech capability and efficient integration with award-winning Xref products.

Our team is growing and we are here to help you. 

For decades, Xref Engage surveys have given a voice to almost 4 million people in over 3000 projects. The survey tools have achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rate based on a rolling five-year average.

The expert-driven ethos fuels commitment to a people-first platform that delivers deep, actionable insights at every stage of the talent journey.

Why use Xref Engage? A guide for new customers

Xref Engage is an additional offering to Xref’s new Enterprise platform that features Reference Checks, Pulse and Exit Surveys

Simple engagement surveys tailored to your needs

Xref Engage offers surveys across the entire talent lifecycle: Employee Engagement, Onboarding, Leadership 360 and Pulse Surveys. 

  • Employee Engagement Survey: Measure the satisfaction, perceptions and needs of your people with broad, detailed surveys that build trust, improve communication, and reduce attrition. Employee Engagement Surveys are typically conducted once or twice yearly and focus on the nitty-gritty of the employee experience, e.g. workplace culture, benefits, recognition and more.
  • Onboarding Survey: Ensure a smooth start for your employees by assessing the effectiveness of your onboarding program, from role clarity and social integration to alignment with organisational values. Tweak your processes to ensure new employees hit the ground running.
  • Leadership 360 Survey: Develop effective leaders with holistic feedback from peers, managers and direct reports using a Leadership 360 survey. Tailor the questions to uncover leadership strengths and blind spots, and use feedback to make positive changes at a departmental level.
  • Pulse Survey: Use Pulse Surveys to collect fast, frequent, targeted employee feedback on areas like leadership, diversity and more. Track and analyse trends to see where your changes are making a difference. Pulse Surveys are short, quick and conducted regularly, compared to an Engagement Survey which is more in-depth.

Xref Engage offers survey templates or allows users to build their own survey from a library of best-practise questions to address their needs and priorities. Through customisation and access to expert advice, Xref Engage customers can build surveys they are confident in.

Collecting survey feedback throughout the employee lifecycle enables our customers to assess and address organisational performance in various areas and make data-driven changes that will make a positive impact on employee engagement.

Cut and visualise data your way for clear insights

Xref Engage users can access survey results in their exclusive Data Studio Portal. You’re in control of how you represent your data to display the metrics important to your organisation’s goals.

Survey data is presented in easy-to-read graphs, making it easy to identify trends and patterns. The reports can be easily downloaded and shared, so HR and department managers stay aligned on the insights.

View survey data in a Priority Matrix, which uses traffic light colour coding to illustrate high and low-performing areas. The Priority Matrix feature can help you prioritise action planning and what will have the biggest return on investment.

You can also look at survey feedback on a question level to get more granular insights and use filters to drill down into different areas of demographics such as department, tenure length and more.

With industry benchmarking, Xref Engage Surveys make it easy for you to compare and contrast your survey results with competitors and others in your industry. The benchmarking functionality allows you to understand where your organisation stands out and opportunities for improvement. 

When conducting repeat surveys to check and recheck the evolution of your employee engagement over time, Xref Engage reveals an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). The eNPS score is used to understand how likely your people would be to recommend your organisation as a place to work to friends, family or peers. 

The data insights unique to Xref Engage, allow you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation to positively impact recruitment and retention whilst reducing attrition. 

Research-backed, market-leading solution with expert advice

Xref Engage is a market-leading solution because it is backed by scientific research. Organisational psychologists built the surveys based on over 300 research papers, articles and case studies.

The simple, powerful software coupled with export advice makes your surveys easy to build, delivering results that are easy to measure. 

Unlock the power of your talent today

Xref Engage is the ultimate toolkit for understanding your employees. With the help of simple tools and access to expert advice from anywhere in the world, on any device, you can increase employee engagement and productivity to maximise organisational performance.

Xref Engage is the next step in the talent journey to help organisations recruit, retain and remember their talent. To find out more about how your organisation can benefit from Xref Engage, book a free demo.

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