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Xref recognised as a Momentum Leader in reference checks

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G2’s Summer Results 2023 badges for Leader, Momentum Leader and Best Usability on a Xref branded green background

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The G2 Summer 2023 Reports have been released, and we are excited to share that Xref has been recognised as the Momentum Leader in the reference checking category for the seventh time.

G2 awards the Momentum Leader badge to “products achieving the most positive movement over the last year.” Xref has climbed the ranks in the Momentum Grid since last quarter, and we’re showing no signs of slowing.

A photograph of Xref's marketing team members Karina, Annalise & Damian holding the G2 Leader 2023 badge with G2 Account Executive Allie

G2 Summer 2023 Reports

The G2 Summer 2023 Reports have awarded Xref five badges: Momentum Leader, Best Usability, Leader, Leader (Mid-Market) and Users Love Us. These badges indicate that we have exceptional performance in the HR space based on genuine, independent user reviews.

We are proud to remain a Usability Leader in the reference checking category, ranking number one above all other providers. We have also been awarded the Users Love Us badge for the seventh consecutive quarter!

Xref has a G2 score of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on over 287 authentic user reviews.

Our momentum is not slowing down

Xref has demonstrated that we are committed to continually improving the user experience, and have no plans to stop. Testament to our growing momentum, is the recent launch of our new product Xref Pulse Surveys, which helps organisations improve employee engagement and retention. 

Xref Pulse Surveys enable organisations to measure employee sentiment using quick, short surveys sent regularly throughout the year. With regular, frequent feedback, HR can better understand their organisation’s performance in key areas such as leadership, culture, career development and diversity and make informed organisational changes to improve retention.

Xref Pulse Surveys complete Xref’s offering throughout the talent journey. With Xref’s Enterprise platform, organisations can use the Reference Checking software to recruit top talent and then use Xref Pulse Surveys to focus on engaging and retaining that talent. Organisations can also use Xref Exit Surveys to identify reasons for attrition and use insights to improve retention over time.

If you want to learn more about Xref Pulse Surveys and how your organisation can benefit, book a demo today.

What our users say

Our customers love using Xref because it makes the reference checking process efficient and quick. Xref gives HR and talent acquisition professionals time back in their day to focus on other tasks and enables them to hire with confidence.

Below are some of our user reviews from the most recent quarter.

“I work in a small/medium-sized organisation and am the only People and Culture person in the business. Xref helps me to secure reference checks in a very fast way. It also puts the responsibility back on the candidate to follow up [on references].” – Henriette S. (Mid-Market)

“It makes providing a reference something that can be project managed instead of getting left on the back burner. This makes the reference-providing process much more efficient.” – John W. (Mid-Market)

Xref solves the problem of having to chase after candidates and their references. I don't have to waste my time talking on the phone when I could be working! It saves me so much time. It also solves the issue of having friends pretend to be managers. It's amazing.” – Verified User in Medical Devices (Small-Business)

To read more customer reviews, check out our page on G2.

Final thoughts

We are thrilled that Xref has been, once again, recognised as a leader in the reference checking category by G2 and, most of all, that our users love us. We are maintaining momentum as we continue innovating our product offering whilst delivering a high-quality user experience.

About G2

G2 is a software review site. Every quarter, G2 analyses and compares independent, verified user reviews of software and service platforms and ranks them to provide a holistic view of the world’s best software providers. Xref consistently performs highly in the reference checking software category. You can find out more or leave a review here on our page on G2.

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